February 05, 2008


Spread the Love at the February Blog Carnival

I swear, I'm going to put up a post called, "Meme Madness." In it, I will update the "linky love" I've been trying to keep up on and spread for those bloggers playing my Survivor Needs & Wants meme. Then, I'll try to make sure I put up my own lists for the memes I've been tagged with lately.

Right now, however, I've got to let you all know what's going on with the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. I've decided just to take February myself. Since February is Valentine's Day month here in the US, let's do a "love theme" for this edition. Submit posts about learning to love and trust again after abuse, loving and forgiving yourself, loving your inner child or alter parts, etc. Let's spread the love, y'all!

I've set the submission deadline as Wednesday, Feb 13 for a Friday, Feb 15 edition post. You can submit here.

Now, as for future hosts, I'm a little mixed up. Me, mixed up? Never, right? I know I had several would-be first-time hosts who told me they wanted to wait until spring to be in charge of an edition. One blogger, unfortunately, had to pull her blog down. I'm pretty sure Enola and S'onnie told me they were looking at the possibility of hosting in March. Mike, at Child Abuse Survivor said he'd be willing to host again anytime. Then, I think April at Thriver's Toolbox told me she may be able to host in the not-too-distant future, but I can't remember when.

I know I'm forgetting at least a couple of people who showed interest. I'd like to give the first-time carnival hosts a chance before we go back again to repeat hosties. If you're interested, would you please comment here and let me know a possible month you may be able to host? I'd like to get a host list compiled to get us through to at least June. Thanks. I'd sure appreciate it.

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Hi Marj

I submitted several of Keepers blogs for the Feb Carnival, maybe you can review and see what fits best? Hope all is well there.

John for Keepers
Thanks, John. You are such a help to Keepers. Nothing has been forwarded to me yet, but I'll keep a look out.
I can do March or April - I should be done with morning sickness by then - I HOPE!!!
Oh, you're wonderful, Enola! Can I slot you in for March?
have you still got the ones we submitted ?
Hey Marj,

I am able to do any time after this month :)

JIP: I still have the post that Mon wrote on the strentgh of love and friendship. Perfect for this month's theme! :)

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! I've got Enola lined up to host the March carnival and Beauty is going to take April.

Sonnie: I so appreciate your willingness. Could you do May?

Survivors rock and so do our blog carnivals! :) xoxoxo
can you also add this one marja

JIP: No problem, will do, my dear!
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