January 22, 2008


Life Happens!

I had another post stared yesterday that involved shame--something I'm working on in T lately. It was hard to get much done, as my son was home with the MLK birthday holiday yesterday.

I've gotten tagged with a couple more memes (that's what I get, huh?) and I also wanted to continue to update the "linky love" on bloggers who are playing the Survivor Needs Meme.

But, guess what? My husband's car got broken into last night and I've been dealing with that all morning. The police aren't even sending anyone out because there aren't any suspects. This type of thing doesn't help much in the constant struggle to convince my little parts that they are now safe. Grrrrrrrr!

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Hang in there! Life is a roller coaster.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you can update your link to angela shelton's new blog:

Also on your resources site, you may want to consider adding Angela's new book "Finding Angela Shelton"

She has a website just for this: www.findingangelashelton.com

Just wanted to share!
how great of the police to do soemthing about it, to help you feel safe!
I'm glad it was your car and not your home that got broken into!

Sorry you have this to deal with, I know what that's like . . . hang in there, Marj!
Anonymous: Thanks for the update. I didn't know Angela had a book out. I'll have to get it for my vast survivor library. ;P

I love the documentary film and gave a copy of the DVD to my T for Christmas--I thought she should have it.

Patches: Hey, nice to "see" you. Let's all send some safety vibes out there to each other...we could use 'em, huh?
Hey, thanks, Beauty. And, you're right--I AM glad it wasn't the house that got broken into.
just about when you convince the littles something is ok something happens to throw it out of whack again! then it is start over time to get them to believe it all over, hang on!!!!!!

peace and blessings

I'm hanging in there, Keepers. And I hope you are too!
I know exactly what you mean about the car break in. In our last house we had a very violent incident happen across the street and it set off all kinds of terrible stuff. We ended up having to move!
Lynn: Thanks for your comment. God, I hope we don't have to move! We've moved three times in the last nine years and I was hoping to NEVER move again.

I am dissapointed, though. This neighborhood isn't nearly as safe as we thought it was when we first moved here. Pooey! :(
So sorry to hear about your husbands car. It sucks when others do stuff like that.

take care
Long time no see, Sonnie. Thanks for stopping by. I hope your life is going a bit smoother--I'll stop by your blog and see if there's an update. It's great to "see" you!
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