December 21, 2009


Holiday Survival Tips for Survivors

Hi, everybody! Well, I can't tell you all how much I enjoyed our pre-holiday interchange with the
"gift of gratitude" I put up on the post below. Wow! What a wonderful, supportive group we have here. :)

Now, I'm getting ready to organize a little quick "mini carnival" for The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse for December. I don't have any new hosts lined up and I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle a full carnival edition myself. But, then I started seeing some great posts out in the blogosphere that had lists of tips for holiday survival for us survivors. So, on Wednesday--December 23--I'm going to link to some of these holiday tip lists.

So far, I've found very useful lists at the blogs of Colleen, Patricia, Amy, Clueless and Dr. Deb. I also hope to get permission to use the lists from bloggers who are new to me: Healing Stream and Grace Davis.

Nobody has to bother with the Blog Carnival submission form this time. Just let me know if you'd rather NOT have your list included in our mini carnival. And if anyone has other lists they know of out there, please let me know ASAP by leaving a comment. Oh yeah. And if you've already submitted a post that is not a holiday tips list, don't worry. I will save all the other submitted posts for the January carnival. Thanks!

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Marj, of course, you can use it. You can use anything in my blog as long as you let me know and link back to me. Thanks!!
Oh, thank you, Clueless. I hadn't even gotten around to asking you yet! ;) I will always link back to you. I truly enjoy spreading the linky love!
I was just about to suggest An Adult Child Abuse Survivor’s Guide to the Holidays by Grace Davis, but looks like you have seen it.

Great idea for this time of year!
You do such a great work. Want to let you know how much I appreciate you.
Dr. Kathleen Young: Well, thanks for checking in. I'm glad you like the idea!

Wanda: Awww. It's so nice to be appreciated. I appreciate you, too!
I got an award for you onmy site.
Wow, Mike! It's so nice to see you AND I got an award?! Cool! I'll come take a look. Thanks!
Marj, you have my permission to use any of my articles that you think will benefit other survivors. Thanks for the link. You deserve the award from Mike. You do so much work to help other survivors thrive. Thanks. Merry Christmas to all.
Just because. :)
SOOO grateful you included me in this carnival! Thank you so much!! Blessings & Merry Christmas!
Patricia: Thanks for that go-ahead. I'm glad, because you've got some great stuff we all can use. And thanks for your comment about Mike's award. Sweet.

JBR: Those are the best hugs--those "just because" hugs! ;) ((((((JBR))))))

Amy: I'm so grateful to have found you and your blog! Blessings also to you!
I just love all the love you're gathering over here! :-)
Dear Marj, thanks for taking time during this time of year were many are to busy. I really do appreciate it.
Wanted to wish a calm and peaceful time. Hugs form Germany
Jade: You have your own special way of spreading the love. Thanks!

Paula: I appreciate you, too! And I'm sending positive vibes for peace and calm...and (((((hugs)))))) back to you in Germany!
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