June 14, 2010


Mudslides, Self-Care & Carnivals

Another Update, June 16th: If you don't get your post in for the carnival quite on time, don't worry, it will still bounce to me and I'll get it in. I'm just so excited about the anniversary! ;)

Update Wednesday, June 16:
I just realized as I was e-mailing the July carnival host with some details about next month's edition, that June marks the FOUR-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF OUR CARNIVAL! Can you believe it? I hardly could. I ran the very first edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse on June 19, 2006. Happy Anniversary to all of you who make this carnival possible and a continued success! Get those posts in! Maybe we can have 40 posts to help celebrate 4 years. Thanks, guys! :)


Hello, everyone. Well, I'm back from a family camping trip where just about everything that could go wrong, did. It was cold and rainy, so we decided to go sit in the local hot springs. They kicked us out of the pools because of lightening in the area. On our way back to the campground, our way was blocked because of a mudslide. Back, finally, at the campground, we couldn't get our lights to work because our batteries seemed to have lost their charge. (We've already replaced them once and we've owned this camper for less than a year.) After cooking and eating dinner in the dark, we decided to just head home (now that we knew the detour route and could get around the mudslide). On our way, our truck broke down and we had to have it towed.

I got a bit dissociative with all the disaster and chaos, but I managed to calm myself(ves) down and got back home without any major dissociative mishaps after a nice friend of ours drove the four hours to come retrieve us from where we were stranded without any rental car options.


The good news is that I have been doing my no-calorie, morning walks four times a week and eating all the fresh, low-fat goodies I talked about in my last post. I've lost six pounds already and am feeling much better. My D.O. told me he thought I was on the right track with trying to manage my mild gall bladder symptoms with diet. That confirmation felt good. And, of course, the weight loss feels great, too!

Because of summer travel plans, I couldn't work out a June Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse date that worked for both me and the host I had lined up. So, I've decided I will just host the carnival here myself this week, before I leave to visit some friends next week. I think we'll just go with a no-theme version this time. But, don't forget our regular submission categories of: Advocacy & Awareness, Aftermath, Art Therapy, Healing & Therapy, In The News, Poetry, and Survivor Stories.

So, I've set the deadline for midnight (Pacific Time, U.S.) Wednesday, 6/16 and I'll post the carnival on Friday, 6/18. I've already gotten several post submissions in already--thanks, guys! I also have some submissions from last month that went into the host's junk mail folder. Luckily, she found them (better late than never) and forwarded them on to me. So, if you didn't see your post in last month's edition, it will probably run this week. Here' the submission form you can use. Hope you can join us!

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Wow, talk about a action packed trip! Sounds like you handled it well! I think much better than I would have.

And hey, congrats on the healthier living! Sounds like you're starting to develop a good routine.

Enjoy your trip to your friends, be safe, and have fun!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. Since my son died so unexpectedly I have been around to my favorite sites. Please take care. Wanda
Jade: Thanks for the encouragement. *hugs* back to you! :)

Wanda: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your son! You have my sympathies. Thank you for stopping by. Take gentle care.
Hi Marj,

thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been mostly off line a lot recently with family stuff and trying to help out my sister. I just walked in from a hospital visit which allowed my sister time to shower and eat a proper meal. 5 hours trying to entertain a sick and very bored 8 year old in a room the size of a prison cell is no easy job.

Well done on the healthier living, Its always good to feel good about yourself and you should be proud of getting out there and taking care of your self.
S'onnie: Wow, that sounds rough. I will be sending strength, healing and entertainment vibes. It's so nice to "see" you! Thanks for stopping by.
you're awesome to keep doing this. Thank you so much Marjaka. And take gentle care as you go visit your friends....Stay safe out there.
Sarah: Well, I think you're pretty awesome, too. Thanks and I will take care and stay safe.
That is a pretty awful trip! Yay for friends who were willing to come get y'all!

4 years! That is amazing. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into this for the last four years. You are awesome!
Thanks, Tracie! Hope your are going to join us with a post. You were such an awesome host last month.
Hi Marj, thanks for your visit and comment. My brother will be in town starting today, so I will be a bit preoccupied with him and will not be able to participate in the Carnival. Blessings and thanks for thinking of me. ((((Marj))))
Man alive, that trip sounds horrendous! Sounds like you handled it like a champ :) Congrats on the weight loss and the healthier living! It's addicting!
JBR: Thanks for letting me know. Have a wonderful time with your brother.

Lily: Oh! So nice to "see" you! How are you, dear? You're right, the healthy living is addicting--a GOOD addiction! :)
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