September 04, 2009


My Life Lines: A Pencil & A Rake

Therapy and feelings work have been intense, but I've also had some productivity in other areas lately. Although I'm coming to terms with the fact that my huge backyard landscaping project will go to the three-year production plan, I'm happy with the results. My backyard is truly turning into a sanctuary--and I need one of those! One of these days I'll get some photos up. I even have some "before-and-after" photos I can share if I can figure out how to post them here.

For now, I'll leave you with some pix from Polyvore. I've been very active over there making collages, and I even know how to embed their code to make the collage show up here. Hooray for little ol' cyber klutz me! ;)

I just mentioned to my hubby this morning that I really hope that this will be one of the last years in my life that I have to deal with so much anguish in the late summer and fall months. Hell, for the last several years, the m.o. has been: Get really triggered and freaked out in August (with firefighter parts coming out, wreaking havoc, getting suicidal and running away); try to cope and do mega therapy in September and October (stay out of the hospital and squeeze in some time with hubby for his October birthday); then brace myself after that for the onslaught of the dreaded holidays.

It would be really nice not to have almost half of my life on hold during these difficult months. For one thing, this is harvest time. I like to harvest and dry my herbs and then cook up big pots of soup and ratatouille to freeze for the winter. I also have loads of work to finish up in the backyard project before the gardening season is over. Then there are the fall colors of Autumn I love so much. So, this would be a nice time of year to be present for and enjoy.

Another thing I'd like to have some assurance for is my
botanical illustration courses.
I've only got two classes under my belt so far. I took them in the spring. But, I'm hoping I'll be able to commit to getting my certificate in botanical illustration before too long. The classes are expensive, though, and I want to make sure that I can make it to them--not miss any for any freak-out reasons. So, I'm hesitating taking some that are in the fall catalog. Oh well. We'll see.

One thing we do have set up already--Yay us!--is the next two hosts for the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. September will be hosted by Paul at Mind Parts and October will be taken care of by Lynda at Child Advocacy Law. So, we'll have some continuity there.

I'll leave this post up for a little bit. My computer is giving me fits again. I'll try to get around to your blogs and comment, at least, though.

Dream Job: Botanical Illustrator
Dream Job: Botanical Illustrator by Marj aka Thriver on

The Healing Garden
The Healing Garden by Marj aka Thriver on

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Dear one thanks for checking in before you enjoy your camping!

Even though your t sessions have been intense, it is good that progress is being made. I pray that surely next year at this time, things will be much better for you!

The pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us.

Blessings dear one....
Have fun camping! I hope that you do get to appreciate autumn more, it's such a special time. Thank you for posting your collages! <3
Hello Marj!
Have fun with your family!

I love your collages so much.
I think botanical prints are so great and I am thrilled for you that you have this as a passion.
I can really relate to wanting to be present and enjoy the fall and winter activities, thank you for being so honest, it is a real boost. May we all lift each other and find a new season, filled with hope.
It seemed to me that I did read here in your blog a post about veteran survivors, that suddenly dissapeared.

Hope you have as many strenght as you need to go on working both your pictures and your therapy.
Your pictures are wonderful, as always. They speak so much to your recovery.

Enjoy camping. I find the closer I am to nature, the more in tune I am with myself. I hope this is a peaceful time for you.
JBR: Well, I'm back now and I think I'll come over and see how YOU are doing. Thanks for the comment and those blessings!

IK: Well, I did have fun camping. It was great to get a nature fix and indulge my inner child with s'mores. ;) Thanks for looking at my collages and commenting.

Hi, Vicki! "May we all lift each other and find a new season, filled with hope." So well said! Amen!

Carlos: Thanks for that hope for strength for my therapy. I appreciate it. I think there was an old post--probably back in May where we were comparing "veteran" abuse survivors and also combat veterans with PTSD, etc. for a Memorial Day blog carnival. It probably just got bumped down with new posts coming in. Check the May archives. Thanks!

Lisa Marie: I'm glad you like the pictures, thanks. And I did enjoy my nature fix while camping, thank you very much! :)
The pictures are beautiful. Sound like you are making progress in your therapy. Hugs to you my friend,
Hugs back to you, Wonderful Wanda!
Please do post some pictures of your back-yard. I love gardens.
Hey, Kahless! Yeah, I love gardens, too. But, I don't love this technical stuff so much. Maybe I can get my husband to help me load some photos. Unless there's html code to embed (like on Polyvore or Youtube), I haven't had much luck loading any graphics or photos here. We'll see...
I envy you being able to landscape. With the drought and heat we've had here, everything is suffering. I hope, too, that fall will get easier for you as time goes on. Your collages are beautiful.
April : I'm sorry to hear about your drought. We suffer those often here. This year, however, was wetter than usual.
enjopy your camping and we really liek these pics
JIP: I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for looking at them!
I just needed to drop on by again. I know you do not post a lot, but I always have a special place in my heart for you, for some reason dear one. Just wanted to say 'hi.'

Blessings and hugs.
Awww, you're sweet JBR. I can't get Firefox to work on my wobbly computer, but I've got IE working at the moment, so I may just get up a quicky post today. Thanks for checking by.
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