July 13, 2009


Freedom to Heal!

Friday Update: The carnival edition is up! Check out all the great links. The format is really cool! Mile 191 has done a great job hosting. And leave comments of support at the participating blogs, won't you? Thanks!

The theme for the July Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is "Freedom to Heal." I'm excited to announce that Mile 191 at Come Into My Closet will be hosting this Friday, July 17. About this carnival edition, Mile 191 says, "
I have come to realize that healing is a choice. We have the freedom to move into a better future and to not give even one more moment of our lives to our abusers. We are free from them and have power over our past as we realize that healing is freedom....possible, available....healing is worth fighting for."

Wow, Mile 191, I couldn't have said it better myself. Now I just know you are going to be a GREAT host! Hurry, folks! The deadline for Friday's carnival is Wednesday, July 15. You can use the Blog Carnival submission form here.

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Just made my first submissions to a Carnival. Thanks for the link!
Great way of putting it. I say something very similar in my next book on choices we have in life and we can choose to heal or stay stuck in the past.
Lisa Marie: Oh, I'm so glad you're going to join us!

Erin: Nice to "see" you again. Actually, that wasn't my line, it was Mile 191, the host's. I think it's great, too. Best wishes on your next book.
Carnival is ready to go. I will publish it at 12:01...Thanks for the opportunity. Hope you are feeling well ♥
Wow, you're good, Mile 191! I look forward to seeing the edition, reading all the posts, etc.

And I will get the edition listed over at BC dot com and promote it over at Twitter, etc.

Good work!
Dear Marj, I just started reading the "freedom to heal" over at Mile191 and I am ddeeply touched and moved and so grateful to be mentioned. Grateful might be not the right English expression. Maybe that my desire to heal hs been recognized. Thank you so much. Tons of hugs.
I wish I would have submitted something, but my mind and body are still in a whirl.
Paula: Your desire to heal has been recognized. Well said! Thank YOU!

CC: We understand. Just take care of yourself and join us again whenever you're ready. So nice to "see" you anyway. Thanks for stopping by.
oops missed out again
Hey Marj, you are so positive and are making a difference. Thanks for the heads up with the carnival. I want to make a difference too. Sarah
You already are, Sarah. Thanks!
JIP: Oops! for me, too. Your comment was before Sarah's. Don't worry about it, August will be here before you know it and you can participate again then. I always appreciate whenever you can participate.
:} thank you. Sarah
Sarah: You're welcome and thank YOU! :)
thanks for visiting. it is an honour to submit for such a good cause. now, call me blonde, but how to i get to read the submission.... please help???
okay, never mind, i figured it out, thank you!
Shadow: We'd love to have you join us anytime. Sorry, I wasn't here to help...I've been a little "MIA" or"AOL" lately. I'm glad you figured it out.
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