July 27, 2009


Licking My Wounds & Art Therapy

I've spent the last several days "licking my wounds." Although the pain of my mother's betrayal feels like having my skin ripped off, I've taken the time to really indulge in some self-care lately. I have also just taken the time out to grieve. Although there has been a lot of pain and a lot of tears, I have also had some rare moments of unique peace.

Thank you all for your kind comments. There were some things written in the comment section of my last post that I hadn't really realized before. Seeing those sentiments in black and white was very helpful to me. I appreciate you all so much. Our Survivor Solidarity is awesome!

Another thing I'm finding helpful is my art therapy through collage over at Polyvore. Let me share a couple of recent compilations.

Return to Wonder

This piece is called "Return to Wonder." I wish we--as child abuse survivors--could all go back and NOT know what we shouldn't have known as young children...return to innocence and wonder.

Untitled by Marj aka Thriver on

This piece reminds me that maybe--just a little at least--I'm coming out of the dark and into the green, the growing...the light. Also, that maybe I can grow something out of all the dark, black dirt that I have. I wish you all much rest, peace and blessings on your own journeys of recovery, healing, dirt-digging, reaching for the light, and growing beautiful things out of the muck.

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Dear one you are truly appreciated. Never forget that.

Sitting with you.
JBR: Thanks for being here. You really do check back a lot and leave thoughtful comments. So, I feel you REALLY ARE here! You rock!
These are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. I am so happy that you are spending time to grieve, sometimes that can be so hard to do.
I was thinking, your green collage and what you said about it made me think of, how much beauty comes eventually after a volcano erupts.
I really love these collages.

Lovely collages and lovely blog too. I have put a link to it on my survivor blog.
awesome work
I love that last piece of art. Did you do that?
Vicki: Yeah, I think the key word is "eventually." It takes a lot of time and patience...but I'm not giving up on me! Thanks for your words.

Askios: Thanks for visiting. I will check out your blog.

JIP: Thanks!

Enola: Yes I did that. It's so easy, really. Once you have a stockpile of images in your files to choose from, you just drag and drop! You should try it!
Your pics are awesome. What I did exprierence is that part of innocence and ability to wonder DOES return. Well, obviously we will always be a little bit more vulnerable than other without our experience but we can reach serenity and peace. Partly I know, partly I hope...
Time for grieving is so important and you worked your in wonderful pictures, I will try this too. No, e do not give up on us. We have come so far and we will go even further. Keep you in my thoughts. Hugs across the pond
i love your art therapy! the work itself and the thoughts and meaning behind your creations are so beautiful and inspiring. sending safe love and hugs! :)
I am glad that you have gotten out some of the pain. Healing can sure bring about a range of emotions.

I meant every word I commented last about the help and support your blog provides. One of my first blog posts mentions why my blog got started and how I realized all the suffering and pain child abuse causes. It all started by when I stumbled upon your blog. You opened my eyes to so much!

I love your collages, they are quite peaceful to me. I will have to try that.

Take care!
Wow, I love your art. Its not something I have tried before but it does intrigue me.
This is beautiful!

Please check out our new blog. We are a center in Fredericksburg, VA that specializes in art therapy. We are just now beginning the journey into blogging and using blogging both as a method to raise awareness about our cause and our organization, but also as a form of healing.

I hope you'll pay us a visit :)
Paula: Thanks for the comment. Skipping some hugs across the pond back at you!

Mountainmama: At first, I felt shy about posting my collages, but now I'm enjoying sharing them. Thanks for the feedback.

IK: Wow! I had no idea your blog started that way. I feel so honored. Thanks!

Kahless: Maybe you'll feel intrigued enough to try it some time. Go for it!

rcasa: Thanks for visiting. I will visit your blog in return. I'm always interested in art therapy as that is what I originally wanted to go into (but no major at my Univ.) but went into advertising instead.
Hi Marj!
I'm visiting my dearest friends.
These are beautiful!
I guess I'll try it tomorrow.
Hope you find peace of mind.
I'm glad you have had some moments of peace. You sure deserve them. It's awful what we have to go through to get there.
Ana: Oh, it's so nice to "see" you, dear friend! I hope you do check out the collage at Polyvore. Maybe I'll see you over there sometime.

EH: Thanks for the comment and the hugs. I hope we both have some more peaceful moments. We DO deserve them!
I always love your blog&your art.Both of those pictures tonight really touched my heart.They're beautiful.- buffalopine
Hi. I am a survivor too and I just recently joined an art therapy group. At first I was just so excited about the 'art' part that I temporarily forgot about the very very hard 'therapy' part. Tonight I made a painting in the group (I just posted it on my blog) that almost gave me a panic attack. Anyway- I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog and thank you for writing it. It is so painful to hear about the suffering of others- but it helps so much to know I am not alone. Thank you.
You may have turned a lot of people onto art therapy with this blog!! Beautiful! I especially love the Return to Wonder. I love what you wrote with it and I agree! Hugs.
Why thank you, Buffalopine!

Artconstellation: Nice to "see" you again. I'm gonna have to get over to that blog of yours and see that painting.

Colleen: Hugs backatcha! Does that mean YOU are going to try some art therapy over at Polyvore, too? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge ;)
You have helped me so much and I am glad to hear you are continuing to heal. I love the art work.
Wonderful artwork--I love them! What fools your parents were not to love and appreciate such a wondrous spirit!
Wanda: Thanks! And thanks for saying you think I've helped you. I didn't know that. That touches my heart!

April: Hey, Yeaahh. That's right: My parents were fools. Thanks for the support.
Your Polyvore art is beautiful. Definitely speaks more than 1,000 words! I love that site. It's so cool. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Id love to put it on a carnival, but am unsure exactly how. If you could email me, my "public" email is aksorrells@gmail.com I'd appreciate it. Thanks and blessings!
Thanks, Amy! I will e-mail you will all the details.
Wow. Incredibly beautiful. I could look at the second one all day. Something about it. *shrug* Yeah :) Great work.
Hey, CK! It's great to "see" you! I'm glad you like the collages. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)
I was betrayed by my husband after being a good, caring ,kind wife and mother. He came back after asking forgiveness, but I could not forget.
I also went to art school as a therapy.
It helped me a lot. My self esteem and confidence came back. Your work is LOVELY. LIVefor yourself, your life does not revolve around anyone.
you can see my paintings at virtual art acadamy. tannu's painting.
KEEP your chin high. Suvivors will not be defeated
Anon: Thanks for the visit and the comments. I have never heard of a virtual art academy, but I will try to check out your work there. Sounds very cool! I'm glad art has been helpful for your healing.
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