November 19, 2006


Child Advocates Unite!

Word Day For The Prevention Of Child Abuse

Howdy, all. Did you know that today, Sunday, November 19, is World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse? Are you familiar with
Yes I Can? Yes I Can is short for "Yes I Can Break The Cycle." I sure like that idea. I've had Yes I Can linked on my site for over a year, under my Resources "Advocacy and Prevention" page, and they are, indeed, a wonderful child advocacy and child abuse prevention organization. You can find out all about World Day at I just finished up my anual trick-or-treat donation to Unicef, but I can also get involved in World Day through them. To go directly to their web page where you can "Say Yes" for children, go to Other children's advocacy and child abuse prevention links are, as I said, on my website resource page here.

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse--6th Edition--Coming Soon!

I am pleased to announce that my friend, Mike, over at the Child Abuse Survivor blog, will be hosting the sixth edition of our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. He has set the deadline for this Wednesday, November 22 (midnight), for a Saturday, November 25 carnival post. Hurry and get your submissions in. As usual, the categories for submissions are: Survivor Stories, Poetry, News, Healing & Therapy, Aftermath, and Advocacy & Awareness. You can go directly to this submission form at Blog Carnival dot com, or visit Mike's blog for more information.

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Hi Marj.

Just got back this weekend from vacation and had an interesting discovery that I am a multiple with four other people in me. My friends tell me that they knew all along I was a multiple, they my others are very protective of me. But I am doing good with this and so is Dewy.
Hey Marj..i just wanted to stop by and see how things are..I hope all is well and you are feeling better..take care my friend..m
Madd: You take care, too, my friend, and have a happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for folks like you! :)
((Marj))..just stopping by for two quick things..did you by any chance send me an email..having delivery problems..if so sorry said could not deliver..second and even more important....HAPPY THANSGIVING!!! to you and yours, hope it's warm, wonderful, and yummy..take care sweetie..luv ya..m
Madd: My brains are so scrambled, I don't remember if I e-mailed you real recently or not (unless you were on one of my lists for an e-mail reminder about the blog carnival). Iknow I sent you one thanking you for the "Happy Birthday," but that was a while ago. Anyhoo...Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.
Brian: You all have ALL my support!
((Marj))..hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, I know holidays can be stressful, however with you loving family sharing them with you I hope yours are warm and wonderful..luv ya Marj..m
hey (((Marj)))

just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you. Hope all is well.


Hello Marj.~~ I've just been searching around for a place to call home and found your blog site. I'm looking forward to read of others who share my love of life~~ in spite of.
I'll hopefully be back to share comments as I learn more of what a blog carnival is.

You do such a great job. Thanks!
Thanks for the well-wishes and support, Madd, Cassandra and Wanda.

Thanks for visiting Babygirl! Hope you enjoy the blog carnival, now that it's up.
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