October 17, 2006


Making My Way Back...Slowly

Thank you, cyber support angels, for all the well-wishes, healing vibes and cyber hugs while I was doing the trauma program. I am home now, and it's good to be back.

I was a little anxious coming home. While I was gone, really all I had to concern myself with was recovery. I'm nervous about getting overwhelmed again.

I'm determined to take good care of myself as I transition back. I got slammed with a nasty cold a couple of days ago. It is actually a blessing, because it is forcing me to transition slowly and with great care and comfort. I'm not surprised I got physically sick. I haven't slept much over four hours in a night for about a month now. And even the four hours is interrupted. I think once this cold subsides and I can breathe, I'll probably sleep for about 12 hours.

I'll be back with more info on what the trauma program was actually about and what it meant for me, when my nose isn't so red. Thanks, all, for keeping me close--you truly are angels to me!

Marj, so good to see your home. I do hope your cold gets better quickly..take it slow and steady I am sending you big warm {{{hugs}}}. Always here with a big shoulder if you need it..take care..m
Thanks, Madd! I'm drinking lots of warm tea and it's a good excuse to snuggle up with nice warm, cozy things to comfort me!
Welcome back!!!!! We are so happy for you, except the cold part! Looking forward to your future posts. We missed you!

peace and gentle hugs

Welcome home and back to the blog. I've been checking back almost every day, waiting to hear how the program went for you. I'm so amazed by your courage and strength...
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glad to see you back seems both of us have been processing in the same but different ways (see our recent blog)

Welcome back!!! I hope you are getting better and I am sending some love and healing your way. Had some big changes around me this last week. :)
Thanks for welcoming me back, guys! And thanks for visiting, Dorretta. I'll try my best to get around to some blogs today and tomorrow. Looks like I've got some catching up to do there. Then, Friday will be a big therapy day for me.
Welcome back marj,

I hope your cold gets better, but not too fast I guess :)

Take it easy, you have been through a lot lately.

Marj, Glad you are back. Hope you are feeling better soon.
I'm glad to hear that you are back.
Aaaaccckkk! I don't know what's going on. I sure didn't miss the cyber gremlins while I was away. It says I deleted a comment, and I did not, and now the service that hosts my website (and my e-mail that all my blog comments run through) has been down since yesterday. Oh well, it's "therapy Friday" anyway; guess I'll just focus on that. I'll get your comments up as soon as I can, ya'll (oh no, I guess some Texas talk rubbed off on me in Dallas). ;)
Welcome back Marj. I am sorry you have a cold though. I hope you feel better soon. Please take it slow. Come back as you can. WE are all here and supportive. Hugs
Wow...not sure how I missed this, but I was just coming here to post a comment asking if youa re ok since it's been quite a while!! REALLY glad to see you back.

Welcome back Marj, lovely to see you posting again :)
Take it easy and get yourself well again. Lots of hugs

Marj..just chrecking in to see how you are doing..I hope that things are slowly getting better for you, are you taking cae of yourself..:) sending you warm thoughts and {{{Marj}}}..take care.. m
Okay, Blogger is a little slow today, but at least my website providor is back up and running. Thanks so much for welcoming me back, everybody! You guys rock!
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