October 25, 2006


Hurry! Time Is Running Out For The Fifth Edition of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Howdy, Bloggers! I have had several requests to give more info about my experience at the Colin A. Ross Trauma Program, and I'm gonna get to that. BUT! We can't forget about the Fifth Edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. It's supposed to be in October and the month is fading fast!

I had a request from the October host to postpone her hosting date due to health concerns. I had decided to just host it myself, but then I got a little distracted down in Dallas. Fortunately, I've got about ten submissions just sitting in my coffers that I can easily pull up for a quicky carnival. They were submissions that didn't quite make the deadline cut-offs for previous carnivals and ones that just showed up and didn't coincide with a particular carnival edition deadline.

I've got submissions already from:
Jumping In Puddles, Emily at Doing It All Again and WW at the PTSD blog. I've also got a referral post from Marcella at Abyss2Hope and then some submissions from a few bloggers new to me.

Anybody else want to jump on in real quick? It would be nice to at least have an even dozen. As usual, the categories for posts are: Survivor Stories, Poetry, "In The News," Healing & Therapy, Aftermath and advocacy & Awareness. Also, since October is Halloween "Fright Night" month, I thought it might be appropriate to have a focus on dealing with fear(s), overcoming fears and phobias...that sort of thing.

Let me know what you think or just get on over to Blog Carnival dot com and use the submission form here. Make sure to provide the permalink to your article and remember: you can simply provide me with a post from the past (you don't have to write something new if you don't want to--I know we don't have a lot of time). I'll make the deadline midnight Sunday (10/29) and I'll get 'em up quick on Monday October 30. (Like I said, I've already got nine or ten ready to go, so it won't be such a stretch.) Thanks, guys!

Dear Marj,

Are you using an old submission from me? That's ok. Which one is it, so I don't repeat.

So glad you are back and feeling better.


Thanks for the reminder!!! I just sent in a submission for you.

Hope you are feeling better and can talk soon.
Oh deffo add that one from Mike at Childabusesurvivor about touch and also the one before about the stigma surrounding male survivors being labelled potential offenders. Very good stuff.
WW: I was going to use the post, "Objective Documentation of Child Abuse," but the one you just sent in looks good, too. I might just use both! THANKS! ;)
Thanks for the tip, Emily...and I already received Mike's submission. You guys are really on the ball! Thanks a lot!
I am sorry Marj I had to bale on you. I totally overwhelmed myself the last few months with house stuff and now this class. You put those two things on top of fibromyalgia pain, and I have been a real mess.

I am glad however to see you back.

Blessings my friend.
Brian: I am feeling a LOT better (I am actually getting caught up on my sleep and can even sleep without cold medicine--right on!). I'll probably be ready to talk a lot after this weekend's over--the kids have a four-day weekend with p-t conferences AND we had this HUGE blizzard yesterday--over a foot of snow and it's still on the ground today! And we'll be done with the Blog Carnival after Monday, too! Rollin', rollin', rollin'!
No worries at all, Mysti. You can host the carnival anytime you feel like it and feel up to it. We got 'em goin' every month.

The submissions are streaming in and I don't think it will be a lean carnival edition at all. THANKS, EVERYBODY! WE ROCK! :)
Looking forward to reading the latest edition.
Please read my last entry of my blog if you can... www.tryingtogetoveryouasshole.blogspot.com

Thanks, Dr, Deb. Glad to hear it!

I hope to get the carnival up okay without any big SNAFU's. My husband tried to install a new DSL set-up this weekend and everything went FUBAR! My computer is, at the moment, totally fried! I'm trying to get caught up using this laptop--I sure hate these little keyboards. So, make an offering to the cyber gremlins, won't you all? ;)
Sooveru: I stopped by briefly and will do my best to take a longer look a little later in the week. Thanks for visiting!
Hi marj,

I know it is pass the deadline and that I am not actually submitting.
I would email you if I knew were.
I..., you see I have been wanting to particiate for quite some time now, but I never think that my writting is good enough. I canĀ“t get myself to submit something to be publish. And once again I kept fitting with myself until it was too late.

If you have the time, would you check my blog? There are only two posts so it is not long, and if you think they go well with any of the categories, you could use any them.

By the way, maybe I should identify myself sicne you know me as breeya.

Good luck with the carnival.
b: Oh, Breeya. I'm so glad you found a way to get another blog up. I have always thought that your writing was more than "good enough." I sure hope you join us for the next carnival in November. I'm gonna get right over and check out your new offerings. Glad to hear from you! :)
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