April 06, 2006


A Day to End Sexual Violence

Still flailing around in the comment twilight zone. Sorry to all my fellow Blogger blog writers who I've tried to post comments on and failed (I haven't forgotten you!). Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of Haloscan for comments? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Well, still in the meantime, I like to post whatever awareness-raising stuff I can so, here's some more Sexual Assault Awareness Month info.

Yes, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And today is "A Day To End Sexual Violence." Find out more about it at this link at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center website.

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I have a post ready to go on this subject too.

CAn't help you with halo scan, though.

Just wanted to say Hi from AS and to say no ... i don't know Halo scan! :)

I have the feeling this month is going to be difficult on me with the awareness stuff going on. Trying to stuff it is going to be harder than normal :/
Just took a step I haven't taken before ... I posted the awareness facts on my blog

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