May 16, 2011


Life Goes On...

Boy, am I missing blogging and the blogosphere! Here it is May, and I didn't think I would be giving blogging much thought at this point. May is usually one of my best months of the year, when I usually get a great respite from my therapy work, triggers and dissociative nightmares. In the merry month of May, I am usually gardening, walking & hiking, drawing flowers and enjoying the great outdoors. Well, this May the weather is crappy and we're still getting frost at night. Also, there seems to be no let up in the triggers and therapy department. As a matter of fact, I had planned on taking the entire month of May off from therapy, as I have a botanical illustration class on my regular therapy day this month. But, things came up, inner child parts got scared, and my therapist had an opening on a different day from a client who is in Australia for a month. Oh, goodie! Lucky me!

I have done a little bit of Spring cleaning and I just finished a botanical illustration piece that took me many hours to produce and I am happy with it. But, other than that, I'm still doing a lot of therapy, a lot of inner child comforting...and not much of anything that looks like summer is almost here. What I am going to do, while I'm sitting here on this chilly morning in my fluffy jammies, is get around to some of your blogs. I realize that I submitted something to last month's Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, but I haven't gotten over to read the other entries. And, I'm pretty sure I never finished coming to your blogs to say goodbye. I got kinda out of order from my blogroll and lost track of where I was. So, if I come to your blog with my goodbyes more than once, bare with me. Thinking of you all, missing you, and wishing you all the best.

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I'm so sorry to hear that your May isn't going as planned. It is a blessing that your therapist was able to fit you in on another day so that you could keep up with your illustration classes.

Fluffy pajamas and snuggled up blog reading does sound like fun (in fact, it is what I'm doing right now!) and that is good.

Thinking of you too.
Here is to June! And warm weather! And beautiful flowers and plants!
Awwww! You're so sweet! Thanks for stopping by, sweetie! I hope you enjoy your fluffy jammie blog session, too! ;)
Hi there,
Sorry to hear about those triggers. . .in May of all months.

The weather has wreaked havoc in this part of the planet. We have had so much rain and clouds, it is really a challenge to find every little blessing sometimes to keep me holding on for the sun.

So, I am picking up what you are laying down there.

Hugs and prayers to you.
I'm sorry you're having such a struggle this month. Maybe June will be your wonderful month instead! Surely the weather will turn soon too.

Your illustrations sound wonderful :-)
Lisa & Pastor Sharon: How nice of both of you to stop over here and leave your kind words. Thank you!

I am so glad to see you back, and now you are talking of goodby again!

I just lurk these days!
Hey, Kahless! It's so nice to "see" you, deary! And you can lurk all you want as far as I'm concerned. I'm not really back, I just never finished going down my blogroll to say goodbye. And I did promise, even if I'm not posting any new thriver-type material here, that I would send in some old posts and support the blog carnival whenever possible.
Heeeyyyy. so great to see you around here....Your voice still resonates with so much strength. You so shine. Stay strong out there and safe...
Hey Girly! So glad to see you posting a little. When you get a chance whould you drop me an email so I have a way to stay in contact with you, should you leave this blog.
Safe hugs to you my friend. Enjoy those fluffy PJs!
Marj, so glad to hear from you. Even relieved!
I am so very sorry for your parts getting scared.Cheers to June!

Love form my heart to yours.

Sarah: So nice to "see" you and so nice of you to say that. I haven't felt like I have much of a voice or presence anymore. Thanks! *hugs*

Jade: Hey there! I had been wondering what you are up to. I will drop you an e-mail and come over to your blogs. Take care, sweetie. xoxoxo

Paula: Hi! I miss you. Thanks so much for stopping by, dear one. And, cheers to June, indeed! To you, too! (((((hugs)))))
Nice article, thanks for the information.

Sorry to hear that your May is not as you had hoped it would be.

Thanks for what you commented on one of my posts. It means so much to me. One of the reasons that I started my blog was to share my story with others, to share and to find support.

I wish you continued strength and courage, lots of hope and healing as you continue on your journey - - blogging or not.

Your sister survivor/thriver,
Why thank you, Leah. I appreciate your kind words. I've always appreciated you and what you have to say, since the beginning of my blogging journey. I wish you well as you continue your journey, too.
I cant believe how much I have missed. I hope you are well. I am going to go back and read but I just wanted you to know I am here reading and thinking about you. I am glad you came back and posted.
You are loved!!
I'm hoping the weather has since improved since you wrote this post. I need the sun too, and when it's not there I totally feel it.
I just found your blog and wish I had seen it before, but I've only been blogging for a year.

I am also a 'Survivor Who Is Thriving'. I went through many years of therapy, and it was all worth it. I give you kudos because I know how hard it is. Keep it up! You are a strong woman.

You can check out my blog at if you want. Please leave a comment if you visit. So good to find this blog. Sally
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