September 21, 2010


Away For A Bit

My husband, son and I are taking some very much-needed family mental health time off. Talk to you all when I return. Hopefully, I will be refreshed and revived. Safe hugs to all! :)

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Have a wonderful time. Hugs across the pond
Hope you have a grerat time, enjoy!
Have a great time girly. Rest up and recoup!

take gentle care of yourself. Come back refreshed.
Thanks for all those well wishes, guys! We've lived in Colorado for almost 12 years now, and we had never been up to Steamboat Springs before. Wow, was it gorgeous!

The closest things my son has to grandparents or godparents were up there celebrating a 60th birthday and they let us stay in their rented townhouse for free. It was great! We all had a god time. :)
Thats awesome to hear my friend. So glad that you guys had a great time and got to have a little adventure :-)
Thanks, Sweetie! I hope you are well.
I am glad that guys took time for yourselves! And that it went well. I certainly relate to needing to do that. I feel so overwhelmed myself right now...and way behind in reading other people's stuff. But that is OK. That is life right now. It will pass. :-)
OneSurvivor: I'm really behind on my reading, too. Which makes me really appreciate you coming over here and leaving a comment. Thanks! :)
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