October 15, 2010


While The Blossoms Still Cling To The Vine

Happy Autumn, everyone. I've been away from the blogosphere for a while, comforting and taking care of myself after some pretty intense fall-time therapy.

I've been continuing my morning walks and trying to keep that weight off that I lost over the summer. The weather here has been unseasonably warm and beautiful lately. There are still flowers blooming and tomatoes ripening on the vine, as it has not given us a real, hard frost here yet.

Autumn's Last Roses

Autumn's Last Roses by MarjakaThriver(on break) on Polyvore.com

After the poem I wrote and posted on my last blog post, I felt amazingly better in the emotional department. The grieving I've been doing has been cathartic as well. I really feel like I'm healing--instead of reeling--this Autumn, and that's a much-needed and appreciated change of pace.

I hope that The Fall is treating you all well. You are all in my thoughts and I'm sending well wishes.

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so glad to read you're doing better. Writing is always healing for me so not surprised writing that poem helped you in the way it did. I like what you said healing not reeling. Stay safe and strong okay... ☺☺☺
I'm glad you are have a good fall. It sounds like some good healing is taking place. Continue to enjoy your walks. Thinking of you and wishing you the best.
Thanks, Sarah. You stay safe and strong, too!

Hey, Wanda! Nice to "see" you! I'm wishing you the best as well.

*hugs to you both*
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