January 04, 2011


Something In The Meantime

A little something in the meantime...while I am healing from my surgery...

Saw this today through a link on Twitter. This one really made me cry. Powerful.

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Oh, my gosh. I am teary and I am still close to the beginning of the song. thank you for sharing this.

I hope you heal quickly...and well.

WOW. That is really powerful!
Thank you. Just.. yeah. Just thank you.
OS, Tracie & Chrysalis: You're welcome and thank YOU for viewing and commenting.

I dunno...this type of thing really makes me wonder if I should rethink things and continue my blog after all.

Marj, thank you for posting. ((((Marj))))
this is powerful....thanks for sharing it.
i haven't watched the video yet...just wanted to let u know i still have ur blog listed on my dashboard as following. was just thinking of you while i started updating my blog. hope you are well.

So I do not blog and really haven't been interested in it but I have a homework assignment to do and I found your wonderful blog.

The video made me cry and reading your stuff has brought up memories that have been buried and I thought long gone. I just wanted to stop and thank you for sharing your healing with the world.

Ok now I have to try to finish my homework assignment. Have a wonderful day!
JBR: Thanks for reading...and of course for those hugs! ((((JBR))))

Sarah: Thanks for viewing it and for leaving your comment, dear. *hugs*

Toni: Nice to "see" you! It's been a while. Hope you're doing well.

Alicia: thanks for visiting and leaving you wonderful comment. I hope your assignment went well.
HW: You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
nice blog ,,this is my first time i visit your site...hope i'll learn much about information on your site..regards
redy: thank you for visiting. I hope you will find something helpful here.
Hi Marj, I just discovered our blog a few nights ago and have been doing some reading here. Thanks for all you post. Thanks so much for posting this video...very powerful message!!
Dwyanna: Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment with these kind words.
I'm sorry if you already received this message. I posted it earlier today, then realized I posted it on a post from last year so I wanted to post it somewhere more recent. My sister was sexually abused as a child and now her step sons are being sexually abused by their biological mother. She and her husband are joining with other parents of sexually abused children and adults who have been sexually abused to fight for a change in the constitution that grants children rights so they can be protected from further abuse. I think you, and any of your followers that you would want to spread the word to, would really enjoy her blog www.kidsrightsfirst.blogspot.com. It tells her story, how she found healing, how she is helping her boys find healing, and how she is fighting to get her boys protected from further abuse. If you are interested, please take a look and please pass it on. This is a cause that will take many, many people in order to successfully protect the thousands of children who are being sexually abused each day.
Anon: I agree with what you've said and will check out the blog. Thanks for the heads-up.
I love this song. I have never heard it until now. I am a recent survivor of rape and a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Please check out my blog and help me out by becoming a follower. I could really use the extra support right now.

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