April 21, 2010


Along The Path Of Healing: Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

UPDATE, FRIDAY, APRIL 23: Enola has the April "Along The Path of Healing" edition of the blog carnival up! It is great. There are about 20 posts in there and lots of inspiration about healing and becoming whole after abuse. Please go on over, check out the posts and leave comments. Thanks to all the brave bloggers who participated this month and thanks to Enola for once again hosting our carnival and coming up with a great theme!

Enola is hosting our blog carnival for us again. Hooray, Enola! She has thought of a wonderful theme for this month: Along The Path Of Healing. About this themed edition, Enola says, "I've noticed that through my progress in recovery from child abuse, I've tended to align myself with others that are similarly situated along the path of the healing process. This is not a bad thing, but sometimes it helps to read posts from others that are at different stages than you. Whether it reminds you how far you've come or gives you hope to continue plugging along, reading about others' healing journeys can be inspirational."

So, this month, we want to hear about your healing process. Just what does healing mean to you? What does being "healed" look like to you? Enter the blog carnival this month and let's talk about it, shall we? Here's the submission form: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_355.html

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Thanks for the reminder! I'll try to find something that fits this months theme!
Oh, good Lily! I'm glad. Thanks!
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It is so nice to find others on the path to healing.
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. And it is so nice to meet a fellow survivor - on the path to healing.
Darn - missed the deadline. Will try to get on the ball for the next one. Still will enjoy reading all the submissions!
Karen: Thanks for your comment. I'm always glad to meet a fellow survivor on the healing path, too!

Blue Morpho: Yes, please check back and read. Thanks! And I hope you join us next time. You know, you can submit at any time. All submissions are always saved for the next edition.
Marj, thanks for reminding me that the Blog Carnival was posted. I got busy and forgot.
Its a weird feeling to be considering doing an entry...

How are you doing girly? How is life treating you?
Patricia: You're welcome and thanks for your continued, awesome support of this carnival.

Jade: Oh! I think you should! I'm weathering the ups and downs better with lots LESS dissociation, so that's good. Thanks for asking. How are you feeling? *hugs*
That is soooo awesome to hear Marj. Sounds like you and your T have made some great progress. So glad to hear that things are starting to level out for you.

I just posted a new post. So to spare you an update on here, I'll just tell you to check out my page when you get a chance ;-)

Think about you often
Jade: I think of you often, too. And I'll head on over and take a look see at your post, as well! :)
Hi Marj,
I was trying to find another way to connect but didn't so please forgive me for using this comment to let you know about a new blog that I thought you might want to check out, http://www.menshatteringthesilence.blogspot.com/
It is written by Cecil Murphy, a NY Times best-selling author (for 90 Minutes in Heaven). I hope you find this information helpful.
Thank you for all your doing to help and heal.
I meant to contribute to this, but time got away from me.

I seem to be back to blogging again, so stop by some time!
Gail: Thank you for visiting. I don't mind a comment that's about a blog or website that has to do with healing from child abuse or sexual assault at all. No problem! I went to the blog and I'll take a look around. Thanks for the heads-up.

Beauty: Oh! I'm so glad you're back. I'll check out your newest post. Thanks for letting me know. *hugs*
hi marj~ i'm sorry i missed the carnival this month. i thought of it but forgot to check in. thanks for the link to the finished carnival. i'll go take a look.

hope that all is well with you!
Katie: It's never too late to go and read the carnival entries. Thanks for that support. I hope all is well with you, too! :)
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