July 27, 2007


Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse: July Edition & What It's Like To Host

The July edition is up for the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Summer over at Wired for Noise has done a great job as host, organizing this carnival. For July--Independence Day month in the US--summer chose a freedom theme for this edition. What child abuse survivor hasn't sought freedom? Summer has expertly woven the freedom theme around at least 10 of the articles in this edition. Go check it out--it's great!

Since I've had several requests for information of this nature, I've decided to post a description of what's involved in hosting a monthly edition of our carnival. It's really quite simple and easy to do. Plus, you get to meet a whole bunch of new bloggers and expand your survivor circle, or at least your awareness about bloggers who are passionate about healing and advocating for children. I've got two past hosts that are eager to host again--Lisa at Sadly Normal is hosting for a second time in August, then Megan at Imaginif wants to host for a second time. We're always looking for new hosts, however, so give it some thought with the information below.

First, decide what day you'd like to post the carnival links on your blog and come up with a deadline for submissions. A popular configuration is a Wednesday deadline for a Friday posting--this gives you enough time to collect the submissions and organize them. Next, you decide if you want a special theme for your edition. In the US, anyway, it seems we have some holiday each month that is easily incorporated into a theme for the carnival. After deciding what you'd like to say about the edition, post an announcement on your blog stating that you are the upcoming host and giving the details just mentioned.

Since I maintain the carnival, I will then go in to www.blogcarnival.com and get the edition listed there, with a link to submit posts to it. I also put up my own announcement post for the edition and e-mail past participants asking them to support you and submit.

The submissions will start to arrive automatically in your e-mail inbox (this address is not visible to the public). I usually have some submissions in my coffers that I also send along to you. Then, you organize the posts, either around your theme, or under our carnival headings of "Aftermath" and "Survivor Stories," etc. Once you get them organized and posted on your blog, you let me know and I get the edition listed as "Already Posted" at Blog Carnival dot com. That's it! Pretty painless, and very rewarding. :) Think about it! ;)

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Let Me introduce myself. My name is Marie. I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor and published poet. I have come far in my healing journey. I am interested in submitting either poetry or essays on this topic. I have been thinking for some time starting my own blog documenting my healing journey thus far.
Welcome, Marie. Thanks for visiting. I think you may find blogging quite rewarding and helpful in healing. I hope you submit to the next carnival--the deadline is 8/22. Just use the widget on the sidebar to link over to the submissions page or go to www.blogcarnival.com.
Hi Marj,
I'd be willing to take a turn hosting. Seems like you've got someone for September. I could do October if it was the end of the month. Or November.

Marj - I thought I had commmented but my computer has been acting up and the comment isn't showing. I'd be glad to host one month. Just let me know.
Wow, Enola, thanks! You would be a great host! Let me get my head on straight and get kinda a "line-up" of hosts organized and then we can decide which month.
Sorry, Enola, that was just me, I was slow. I've been dealing with a migraine. Now you're up! ;)
Thanks so much for letting me be a part of the blog carnival with my past aricle I sent. You're project is a great inspiration to me!

Hope Sent,
~ Ani
Ani: I hope you can participate again in August. Wow, I didn't think of it as inspiring anybody. Thanks for mentioning that. :)
I've participated in blog carnivals, just not about childhood abuse. But since I've started my second blog and it's more on the subject, I'd be interested in participating.
Rising Rainbow: good luck with your new blog and yes, please join us in the carnival.
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