July 10, 2007


Bloggers Changing The World

I am so honored to be tagged with another meme that is also an award. Thanks to Megan at Imaginif for recognizing the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse and bestowing this wonderful honor on me: it's the Bloggers For Positive Global Change award.

The award was conceived by the folks over at Climate Of Our Future.

This is an interesting twist for me; before I became an advocate for abused children, started this blog or founded the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, environmental issues were my big thing. I figure, if we trash the planet, not much else will matter, right? I assumed I'd gotten down to the nitty-gritty in my philanthropic interests. I still donate to the Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy and volunteer my time at nature centers and the like. But, you know what? If we don't protect, love and guide our children, they'll be too busy simply surviving and going to therapy in their future to make saving our planet from global warming a priority.

So, while I think both of these issues--protecting the environment and protecting our children--are critically important, I guess I've decided that protecting and advocating for children is the "down to the nitty-gritty" cause for me. It's just an interesting personal evolution I've noticed.

Anyway, if you go to Climate Of Our Future, you'll see links to a lot of environmental and green blogs. I encourage you to check them out. At least go over to this post to learn about the purpose of the Bloggers For Positive Global Change award and meme.

As you can see from the links on my sidebar, I don't have a lot of personal experience with environmental bloggers I can tag. But, I do know some folks who I consider to be doing one helluva job creating and promoting positive global change. Change, especially when it comes to advocating for abuse survivors and children--who are our future after all. I won't bother tagging back Megan, who tagged me, but I do commend and recommend her for her work to protect children at Imaginif. There is an amazing amount of--quality and quantity--information on how to keep children safe at this blog.

Here are the official five award recipients that I tag and bestow with the Bloggers For Positive Global Change award: (They are in no particular order except most came off my blogroll in this order.)

  1. Marcella Chester at Abyss2Hope. I found out about blog carnivals via Marcella. The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse would not even exist without her. Thank you, Marcella! She is the founder of the highly successful, awareness-raising Blog Carnival Against Sexual Violence. About her blog, Marcella says, "Beyond giving people something to read, my goal has been to help other survivors realize they aren't alone in their experience, to speak up for those who are too traumatized to speak up for themselves and to advocate for change so there will be fewer new victims in the future and less backlash against the remaining victims."
  2. Angela Shelton's weblog. Angela Shelton is a film-maker who's documentary, Searching For Angela Shelton, highlights her cross-country search for other women who share her name. What she didn't expect to find on her quest was the alarming realization that 24 out of 40 other Angelas she interviewed had been raped, sexually abused as children, or victims of domestic violence. Shelton is a speaker and survivor advocate as well as an actress who appears on The Safe Side videos and other products designed to help kids stay safe. Her blog entries are about her personal life, her growing advocacy empire, and exposing pedophiles.
  3. I found Lisa at Sadly Normal through Angela Shelton. Lisa is a past host of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse and will be hosting another upcoming edition soon. On her blog, she mixes her personal stories as a rape and CSA survivor with up-to-date news stories. About her blog, Lisa states, "I will post here what I learn. I will also be posting here news from each state, and from around the world concerning the laws that are being updated in each state, how pedophiles and child molesters are living amongst us and what is being done to protect our children and ourselves. I hope some of the articles anger you so much, that you decide you want to take action."
  4. Matt, at Empathy/Share Compassion, has a philanthropy blog I've been interested in and linked to for quite some time. His blog is about "promoting global responsibility" and is a charity information site with posts raising awareness on topics from natural disasters to health care for children. He also gives tips for giving wisely. Matt says, "I believe if we want change we need to use our power to make a difference. I got involved in philanthropy a few years ago, I had realized that if I wanted a better world, then I had to do more than hope for it - I had to get involved. "
  5. The blog at Stolen Childhood is giving a voice to children around the world. It provides up-to-date news stories and photos involving children in the middle of war, online predators, children living in poverty, female circumcision and more. The stories are hard to read and some of the photos are even harder to look at. Some of this news can break your heart. But, I'd rather have my heart broken than have my eyes put out with blindness. This site opens your eyes, and it may just open your heart to the plight of our world's children. I go to this blog, link to it and award it because I truly believe that knowledge is power and awareness is the key to change.

If you decide to play this award-bestowing meme, make sure you check out the rules at Climate Of Our Future and also see how you can get the award badge graphic there as well. See mine on the sidebar? I really like it!

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Hi Marj,
Wow, what a great cause and a wonderful way to pass on the meme. When we conceived the award, we meant it to apply to issues beyond the environment, as these days everything is connected. We're honored to have you among our participants. Please keep checking in with us, and we will do the same with you.
You're right, everything is connected. I will plan on checking in with you and stayng connected, and I appreciate you visiting me and doing the same.
Marj, thanks for tagging me for this award. So often we get focused on the people who loudly proclaim that they can't stand what we write on our blogs, or at least I do occasionally.
Marcella: You are more than welcome. You've certainly earned it in my book! As for the people who can't stand what we write, they can just crawl back into their dark little holes. ;)
Thanks Marj, I will be making my post tomorrow. Keep up the excellent work you do! :)
You're more than welcome, and you've more than earned it, Matt. I hope you keep up your excellent work as well!
thanks, Karma!
Congrats, Mrj
Dear Marj

Congratulations!!! We are very happy for you and this award, you deserve it so very much!!!

so very happy for you!!

Congrats - You truely deserve this award
Thanks, guys. It feels nice to share some good news on this blog with all of you. :)
Congrats Marj!!!


thanks! :)
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