June 12, 2007


You're More Than Good Enough

"Good enough." Was there ever an abuse survivor that didn't wonder if he or she wasn't good enough? You are good enough...much more than good enough. Just because you are you.

I've gotten about a dozen submissions already for our first anniversary of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. I can't believe we've been raising awareness through this carnival for a whole year already. Great for us!!

I want you to know that any submission that is appropriate will be included in this anniversary carnival edition. I've had people ask me if I think their posts are okay, worthy or good enough for inclusion. I'm telling you, if you have a heart-felt wish to tell your truth about your abuse, share a poem, healing and therapy tips or an item from the news, advocate for kids or raise awareness in any way, your post is more than good enough!

The only thing I won't include is any kind of porn (oh yes, I've gotten submissions like this, and I don't think it's funny), obvious spam or posts that I would refer to another carnival as more appropriate and on-topic for them instead of us.

If you've ever thought about submitting to the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, now is the time to do it. It's our anniversary! Come join us! You can submit using the form here.

The deadine is a week from today: Tuesday, June 19. I'll post our anninversary carnival edition on Friday, June 22, 2007, right here at the Survivors Can Thrive! blog.

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You have done such a great job. I am glad the word is getting out.
we will find one that isnt porn to send in lol
Hi Marj

Keepers and I want to submit some articles and blogs for the anniversary carnival, can you tell me if I have previously submitted my articles on living with a multiple from the SO viewpoint? If not I will submit them

thank you for making us aware of the 1 year anniversary and CONGRATULATIONS!

peace and blessings

john and keepers
Wanda: thanks for the compliment. But, I can't do the carnival without all of you, obviously. I hope you'll consider joining us again--love to have you with us!
I've found that when I'm in the right space, reading other stories helps validate my experiences. Would I have known half of my experiences were abuse had I not seen someone else cry out for validation on a blog? No. I think I'd still see those experiences as "normal" to youthful life. But reading what others write about their childhood has helped me see that what I lived through publically and privately was bad.

Does the spelling and punctuation matter? Do creative writing skills and perfect use of adjectives make a difference when someone is speaking about how they feel? No. What matters is speaking. I get insight from reading other blogs. It gets me to think about where I was and where I am now and where I want to go. I read, not for writing style, but for connection.

JIP: you crack me up! Love your sense of humor. Don't you think it's amazing that we survivors have the fantastic senses of humor that we have? I do! Yeah, see if you can find any non-porn; I'm sure it will be hard to do. LOL!

John & Keepers: I'll tell you the same thing I told Dr. Deb in an e-mail about a possible "repeat" post she wants to use: I didn't find this post in a quick scan of the editions that I organized and hosted myself, but I don't know about the guest hosts. HOWEVER, it's an important message and I think it's worth repeating. I think what I'll do is have an anniversary category called "BEST OF" for any repeat posts. Sound good? ;)
Austin: here here! I'm right there with you. Good points! And, thanks for visiting. That's been the biggest blessing for me in blogging...the connection.
sounds good to us Marj!!! will get stuff ready!!! have a fantastic evening!!!

keepers and john
Keepers & John: sounds wonderful. Thanks, in advance, for your contribution.
Hi Marj! I've not been online for a while due to technical difficulties but I'm back now, albeit on a rubbish connection! I've missed reading your blog and joining in with the carnivals - I'll try and get some submissions in to this special anniversary one. Congrats on a whole year! I can't believe it's been that long already! Take care xx SD xx
Hi Marj

We sent in 2, a blog from today and an older article, let me know if the submissions came in okay.


Hey, SD! So glad to "see" you. Missed you! I couldn't get online at all yesterday and can't imagine how I'd feel if that went on and on. So glad you're going to join us for the anniversary ofthe carnival and hope to see you whenever you can be around.
John: you should receive a confirmation from Blog Carnival dot com, but I did receive both and they look GRREAAT! thanks so much!

I will try to get around and send reminders to folks I haven't received from and send out e-mails to thank folks who have submitted as soon as Father's Day is over (ugh).
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