June 29, 2007


Body Cleansing & Cyber House Cleaning

I want to share something exciting with all of you: I've lost six pounds in the last eight days! Whoo hoo! My neighbor sells this 10-day colon cleanse and diet program and I'm nearing the end of the jump-start, 10-day program.

I was diagnosed with IBS over 15 years ago. My symptoms have been really flairing up lately. Sometimes my psychotherapy seems to get it to calm down, but lately this hasn't been the case. I was complaining to another neighbor that I was tired of feeling bloated all the time, and then this other neighbor piped up about what she's selling.

When I started the program, I knew I had at least 20 pounds I needed to lose. But, when you start this diet, they want you to measure yourself as well. I hadn't taken my measurements in years. Was I in for a shock! Yikes! You know the old "ideal," sexy measurements of 36-24-36? Well, mine had gone to 39-32-41! I used to consider myself pretty well-proportioned, but it seemed in my post-baby, perimenopause years that I'd lost my waist. Then, these measurements confirmed it.

So, I'm going to measure myself again on day 11 and see if there's been any change. I'm happy witht the weight loss and hope it will kinda jump-start my metabolism. Mine's been as slow as a slug lately and all the increased exercise I'd been doing since the start of the summer hadn't budged the scales more than about a pound. But, what I'm really hoping for is a healthier colon (gross, I know, but oh so important) and way less IBS trouble.

Apparently, an added bonus is that I'm feeling better emotionally as well. I mentioned this to my T. Maybe I'm getting all the built-up sh*t out, literally and figuratively! ;)

So, what else is going on? I feell bad that I got tagged with a couple of memes and didn't get around to them recently, but I was happy to get the first anniversary of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse organized and up. It was a great success and I have to thank all of you for making it so! THANK YOU! Now, I'm trying to come up with a little button that can be used for my Top Carnival Participant Award I mentioned. I've looked at Image Chef and Photobucket and can't find anything appropriate.

--> Does anybody know where else I could look to get some free art for this award button? I'd appreciate some leads.

Also, even more importantly:
--> We really, really need somebody to host the July edition of the carnival.

I thought I had someone signed up for July months ago, but now it doesn't look like it's going to go. My preference would be for a first-time host, just to keep everything on an even keel. However, I'm open to anyone who's willing. We can't let this important awareness-raising, advocacy event slide!

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Hi Marj

keep us posted on your weight loss plan, we hope it all works out for you, no pun intended. we are so glad the carnival was a success. best wishes and have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks, guys! I'm up to 8 lbs now, so that's pretty cool. You have a good weekend, too.
Wow, so it really DOES work?
What all's involved in hosting the carnival? I may be able to do it.
Dr. Deb: Yep, it works! I can actually suck my gut in now. I hadn't been able to for years because I always felt so bloated! ;)

Beauty: Oh, my dear, you could be my lifesaver! It's really not hard at all--most carnival editions are only 15-20 posts. I will e-mail you with the details.
well done on the weight loss and we hope beauty cna do it also we would offer but well we wont lol
thanks, JIP and don't worry--I'm glad when you know your limits and take care of yourself.

Lisa: you were a FANTASTIC HOST and I'd gladly have you host again. I think I'll send out an e-mail to participants and see who wants to get in on the last chance to be a first-time host and then it's open to repeat hosts.
For some reason, I can't get Lisa's comment to post. When I try again it says, "this comment has already been moderated." aaarrgghh. Thanks, Blogger, for teaching me patience. after dealing with you for over a year, I should have the patience of a saint! ;)
amelias written a blog i think you might be interested in
Okay, JIP, I'll be over to check it out.

And, I'm copying and pasting Lisa's comment here because it seems to have gotten sucked into the black hole of cyber space.

I am late, as usual... but once again you have set us all up with a wonderful carnival, full of awareness and information, and caring and compassion.
I also wanted to thank you for the award. It's very generous.

I would also like to host again. If you dont have anyone scheduled for August, I would be more than willing.

Thank you for all of your hard work, Marj!!!

I just dropped by to say hello. Nice to know that you have such a wonderful advocacy. More power and God bless.
Thanks, Mel. Hello to you, too, and thanks for visiting.
Marj, I've taken the liberty of naming you as a recipient of the Bloggers for Positive Global Change Meme. To see what I said about you and what you need to now do (if you choose and have time to), check out http://imaginif.com.au/~ima33724/blog/2007/07/06/positively-protective-imaginif-we-won-an-award/

Thanks for all you do Marj. I am glad I stumbled across your blog and will always be happy to host the Carnival is there is noone else available.

Megan: I'm a little behind with the 4th of July holiday, but that sounds COOL! I'll go check it out...and THANKS!
Wow, Megan! I feel so honored, thank you. I will definitely get to that meme tomorrow (my son will be off to a three-day camp and I'll get some time to catch up on things).

I'm going to copy and paste the following comment, because it contained an e-mail address:


Id love to host a future carnival.. maybe not so soon... a bit crazy at the second.. but could you email me the details?

if you dont mind.

have a great weekend!!
and good luck with the weight loss!!



Cassandra: that sounds great! I'll e-mail you and put you on the list with April for first-time hosts that need to wait a bit. THANKS!
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