April 10, 2007


Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence

"Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence." Doesn't that have a great awareness-raising ring to it? I can't take credit for it; it's part of the title for a weekend-long event coming up as part of this month--April--being Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).

As usual, when I just feel too overwhelmed with my personal healing issues to even make written sense of it, I like to at least put up a post that raises awareness. So, this post is dedicated to SAAM.

Since I'm from Chicago, this SAAM project caught my eye: It's the "Art of Awareness: Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence" event organized by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE). There will be a film festival, art, poetry and music at various downtown Chicago locations April 13th through the 15th. Info is at
www.caase.org. CAASE is also involved in a community art project that introduces a new spin on the awareness bracelet--it's called The Binding Project. Info is at www.bindingproject.com.

At least I'll have this up, if I don't get around to organizing an edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse this month. I've got a host lined up for May, so it will eventually hit the road again. Anybody out there feel up to squeezing in a host on your blog for April?

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Been too busy to do a carnival, but wish I had the time to give to yours.
I can't even begin to imagine how busy you are, Dr. Deb. I don't even have a job and I'm always overwhelmed! ;) Love to have you host the carnival sometime when you have time, otherwise just contribute whenever you can. Thanks!
Healing is such a long painful process. I think about you often. I'm sorry I am currently not emotionally stable enough to do a carnival. Maybe I'll get stronger soon.
sorry we are not up to doing it either, good to see you are still around though marja
Kinky Karma: I think I'm going to take comfort in that idea, too. Thanks for presenting it.

Wanda: I pray for strength for us both...as well as all survivors.
Oops! Kinky Karma's comment was on the "broken to pieces" post--I'm still getting comments there. I guess people can relate. what I can relate to is not feeling up to hosting a carnival. But,, thanks, guys, for your thoughts on it. At least we have a host lined up for next month, right?
Hi Marj

Hope all is well. Sorry I've been away for ages...found it hard to read other people's blogs as I've been suffering from PND. All that time avoiding anti-deps and coping with depression because of the abuse and abortion, only to be struck down with hormones. Anti-deps have saved me this time.

Sorry you are going through such a long onion layer shedding process.


Cannot host the carnival...I'm just stopping by to leave a warm hello and wellness wishes :)

Thanx for sharing and caring.

Solace, Love & Healing Hugs, S
S: I know your situation and that you're not set up to do a carnival--no worries. I'm just glad to "see" you! :)

Em: Thanks for the hugs. It's great to see you, too. I'm so sorry to hear about the hormone-induced depression. I am SO thankful I didn't go thrugh that. My son had "colic" for seven months--I don't think I would have survived both. I'll hop over to your blog and see all that you've been up to.
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Thanks, Thorne! You're a sweet, helpful soul. :)
Hello Marj,

I am new here...I will be waiting for your Blog carnival against child abuse...

You are doing a great job and led/letting others know about SAAM. Keep the good work...as this is my first comment I wanted to say hi..

Self Help Zone
David: Why do you think our blogs are a good link fit? Yours is a sports blog, am I right? Maybe I'm overlooking something. Can you answer the question for me?
Marj, I don't even remember why I couldn't do the Carnival before! Oh my. Maybe was overwhelmed with cancer survival? My short term memory is a lost cause...apparantly that's a common post-cancer side effect, but I still miss it. :) Whatever it was before, my plate overfloweth with new things now. No rest for the weary. Thinking of you and wishing you everything good always...S
Dearest Marj,

It is late in April, but if you so desire, I would be happy to host a carnival.

Although I have been somewhat blunt on your comments page, I still think of you....I am still concerned for you, despite my own personal opinions.

I think you'll find that the Binding Project is actually created and run by PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment - www.pavingtheway.net - as it was inspired by the Founder's (Angela Rose) binding during her abduction and sexual assault - just FYI
Anon: Thanks for adding the information on the creation of The Binding Project. I had not known who had started it.
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