December 20, 2006


Blizzards & Blog Carnivals

After a lot of hard work, lack of support and validation and just plain rudeness, I finally made some interview appointments with a couple of new therapists. Unfortunately, the holiday blizzard of '06 has hit here in Colorado. My appointment today got cancelled and the one I had scheduled for tomorrow will most likely as well.

Sorry this is late, but here's a reminder for the deadline for the 7th edition (December) of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. The deadline is midnight tonight for the 12/23/06 post at Sadly Normal. You can go to or for more details. Please give Lisa at Sadly Normal all the support you can. I'm sure she'll be a great host for this edition. Thanks, Lisa!

Hi Marj,

Hope everything is all right out there in snow land and you are coping all right with the season. Remember all the support you have from your friends.
Thanks, Brian! That DOES help me feel better.
hope it goes well for you and you get to at least one appointment, hope the carnival goes well also :)
Marj..hey my are you? I hope this time of year is good for with your family and not full of mine fields as it can be for so many..I have been so streached for time I am sorry that I haven't been by job, granddaughter visiting ..yea!, 6 yr old bundle of energy and a huge dose of, shopping, get togethers..and as I am sure in your life too the list goes on..whew!However I couldn''t let the season go by without wishing you the best of times with your filled with all the love and warmth you need to continue to do as you need to you are a very special lady..m
Hi Marj

Are you okay? have power and food and all that? meant to write earlier but got bogged down here. Hopefully can get new appointments, until then call if you need to talk.

peace and blessings and here's a few hugs also

keepers and john
Hi My name is Stuart Howarth and I am the author of 'Please Daddy No' it is a story of childhood abuse about my three sisters and I.

I think your site is great and wish to make contact.

We have recently set up a charity and are looking for support and lierature in the UK.

Best wishes

Stuart Howarth

I am soooo behind reading blogs! Glad to see you post and hope all is well there now and that you had a Christmas that brought you moments of joy. May 2007 bring you health and happiness and much success.
Thanks for stopping by, all. Hopefully, in the next week, I can get caught up on some blogging and visits of my own. ;)
I'd like to know what the next carnival is and what it's about. I was thinking I maybe could participate again.

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