December 23, 2006


A Christmas Carnival

Lisa at Sadly Normal has created an outstanding carnival for our December (7th) Edition of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. I participated, as I always do and so did returning bloggers at Thriver's Toolbox, Blessed Fearscapes, Child Abuse Survivor and Doing It All Again. There are many new bloggers to the carnival as well, with names like More4Kids, About Abuse, Fight Back Against Rape, Child Protection: Serious Business, and Stand Up Guys. This is a truly an amazing carnival edition with over 25 entries. Please make sure you go check it out here and give these courageous bloggers your comments and support.

Happy Holidays, everyone. I count you among my most appreciated blessings.

Marj. How do I get in touch with you. My husband and I have a website at We are seeking people like yourself who have been able to stand strong enough to tell your story. My husband wrote mine. We are contacting several bloggers to ask them if they would like to link their website and/or blog to us. Our goal is to have one of the largest communities of this kind on the net so we can collectively make a positive difference. Please email me at if you have an interest in what I offer. You have too much to share and I want to help you spread your story (if you would like). Thank you for your time, Rita
Marj..just a quick stop by to let you know i was thinking of you and hope your holiday was wonderful..we had a great time over looking forward to the new year..hope all is well with you my friend..take care and lots of love and best wishes for the new year..m
Hi Marj

We wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year also. If things ever slow down for us we would like to participate in a future blog carnival again.


keepers and john
Thanks for all you do! I hope you will have a blessed and happy New Year.
Hi Marj

how are you today? keepers and i wanted to say hi, hello, etc and to let you know we do still exist out here in the midwest of the ole USA.

lotsa hugs

john and keepers
Happy Holidays Marj!!!!

and Happy 2007!!!

I hope all is well on your end.


Happy New Year, Marj. I am glad the year has ended postively for you. May 2007 be a fruitful year for all us survivors!

Thanks for all the holiday wishes everyone--same to all of you. I know I'm slow, I'm sorry, but hopefully in a week or so I can get caught up on visiting blogs and answering inquiries... and I can update you all on what's going on at/on the therapy front. Thanks for your patience and for hangin' in there with me. ;)
Wanted to send Happy New Year wishes to you.

Hi, Marj! I've been hearing and reading a bit about the nasty weather you are experiencing and it always makes me think of you and your safety. I hope that you are warm and well.
Hi Marj

When is the next Blog Carnival? We would like to register for it and submit some articles.


I know I haven't posted in a while; thanks for not giving up on me, peeps! I hope to post a "what's happening" later today and get around to some blogs. I'm behind on getting around to folks with special requests--sorry. I hope to catch up soon.
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