January 10, 2007


Happy New Year & What's Happening

Hey there and Happy New Year. Yeah, I'm still alive, in some form or another. I went to stay at a hotel when I freaked out on Thanksgiving. Holidays during the past few years have gone quite well. Now, this year, I'm back to "holidays=crisis."

As I was still between therapists, I thought working with some of my survivor workbooks might help me. I dug out my old The Courage To Heal. After doing a few exercises, I decided to take another flip through the whole book. I then decided to put it down, because I didn't see enough stuff on dissociation in there. (I don't think they talked about the subject much back when the book was published.) I've come to the conclusion that dissociation is a key issue for me...and I need to look at it.

It's an issue I feel I finally need to really face and look at honestly. (That's the main reason I've come to feel that it was a blessing in disguise that I lost my therapist--he really had very little experience in dissociative issues and we never really addressed it in therapy).

So, I put good ole TCTH down and looked into The Stranger In The Mirror instead. I realized I had barely skimmed the book since I've owned it. This time, I dove into it with my highlighter marker. I decided to take the dissociation scale "tests" in each chapter...and be very honest with my answers. When I did the interview developed by Colin A. Ross and got the DDNOS diagnosis, I wasn't as honest as I needed to be. Anything that seemed too "out there" I flatly denied. I've been in denial about a lot of things for a long time.

I still may end up with the vague DDNOS--the ever-popular Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified-- but I want all the issues to come out so I can get help with them. I've been wanting to get as much info as I can, because I was (am) really starting to fear I might have full-blown DID.

I still have never found any items in my possession that I have not known where they came from. And, as an adult anyway, there is not a lot of amnesia.

I called my twin sister to talk about it. I was afraid she would freak out and just not want to discuss such a thing. She surprised me by being very calm and open. She admitted that she had greeting cards and florists cards in her memento box from a man named, um, let's say Phil, who she didn't know. I had never heard of Phil either. WHOA!!

And my sister said that when she met me down in Arizona that time (during one of my dissociative fugue periods) she really didn't know me. HA! I could say the same for her on numerous occasions. I wonder if dissociation has a lot to do with her extreme volatile behavior that I've witnessed at times. Hhhmmmmmmm...

My dissociative fugues do seem quite severe and disturbing to me. Probably the scariest one was when I ended up lost and had to spend the night in the mountains of the National Forest with no food or water...not even a jacket. I'm sure at some points I was just running blind--a storm came up, the lightning scared the hell out of me, and I was soaked to the skin with the rain--but I think there were other points when I thought I'd just make it over that next pass and start a new life there. I also have other brief snippets where I think I was convinced my father was chasing me and was going to kill me. Whew, I feel weird admitting these details.

The amnesia I have in between the time I was soaking wet (I do recall the sound of water squishing in my shoes) and then completely dry is amazing to me. I mean, by the time I had any awareness of where I was, I was totally dry--no dampness at all! And by noon the next day, it was obvious that I had completely underestimated how long it would take me to get out and find the road. I must have really wandered a long way before I stopped when it got dark. The Search And Rescue team that was looking for me must have really underestimated the distance as well. They never even came close to finding me (in the end, I found the road myself).

Then there are the trips to Arizona. I assumed new identities both times (I've never admitted that to anyone before). The first time I was Ellen Hopkins, then Ellen Murphy. I was really sure--or at least there was some part of me that was certain, at least most of the time--that I was going to start a new life down there. I think I oscillated between this plan and thinking that being away from home, where nobody I knew could find me, was a good place to commit suicide.

My twin said she didn't even know who I was down there. I don't know why she never told me that before. I wonder how many times my husband hasn't known who the hell I am...and he's never told me.

I still carry so much shame about those Arizona trips. You see, I stayed in domestic violence ("battered women") shelters for at least part of the time on both occasions. I'm so afraid they're gonna come and arrest me for using those services when that wasn't really my situation. I can't remember which trip it was, but one of those times I vaguely remember crying on the phone to some kind intake person. It's so freaky: It was like I could hear myself crying and talking, but it wasn't really me, and I wasn't in control.

I've always said I'm a terrible liar and I'm no actress. But, I cried those tears and I think I really was very scared and freaked out. I was really running from something--it just wasn't some husband or boyfriend who was beating me up.

My sister explained some details that occurred in Arizona during the trip that she witnessed. I have no memory of some of the stuff. So, I guess there's some amnesia there as well.

The point is, the dissociative fugues have been major for me. And it feels like there's been more than one "part" of me involved--definitely things that I don't think I felt in control of. And here's the thing that I've needed to admit: I'm still doing it!

Shit! I've got to take a deep breath here. I'm going to have to admit this next part to my new therapist (I start with someone new tomorrow. I'm scared as hell but trying to remain hopeful). I don't know if I can admit this to my husband.

When I left on Thanksgiving, it was a plan to leave my husband. I think it was another version--some long, drawn out form--of some kind of fugue. It was my plan, again, to start a new life. I had made up my mind that, if I couldn't find a job, I would just try to get on disability.

The thing is, though, that I've promised--we have a deal--that I will no longer try to kill myself, and I don't self-harm/scratch anymore, and I don't run away anymore. I can go away to a hotel or trauma program, but we need to tell my husband where so he doesn't worry. Then there's the worry and the promise never to do anything again that's like abandoning my son. God, I have so much guilt and shame about these things from the past! Aaahhh! Anyway, so the move-out plan was a way to start a new life but get around all these conditions.

I think it might be "derealization", I'm not sure, but I noticed a couple of times while I was in the hotel over the holiday season, that I just kinda "woke up" a few times and looked around confused. I would ask myself, "How did I get here? What am I doing here?"

Before I forget, I want to write about the paranoia. (This entry is lifted, pretty much straight out of my paper journal--sorry if it's rambly.) My sister said I was acting really paranoid in Arizona. I remember being surprised at how paranoid I felt a few times just recently down in Dallas, too.

I think the paranoia was one of the things that scared the shit out of me that I may actually be paranoid schizophrenic. Being "schizo" or "crazy" scares me way more than being DID...as much as that scares me.

I know that's why I wasn't totally honest on the Ross dissociative interview before. I've always been on the lookout for anything that would alert others that I'm crazy. That's why, when I used to self-harm, I never cut. I only scratched and I always did it in a hidden place, like under my hair. That's why, when I get my "fillers" going, repeating a phrase over and over in my head, if I'm reinforcing it by tapping out an accompanying beat with my finger or thumb, I always hide my hand.

I've been in such denial about my dissociation because I was so afraid I was just crazy (just like my homeless father). I so distinctly remember--about 12 years ago--first getting The Courage To Heal and reading some account of a survivor who floated out of her body and witnessed her molestation from the safe distance of her bedroom's ceiling light. At the time, I actually read that and said to myself, "Now that's crazy! I've never done anything like that!" Of course, that was way before I retrieved so many CSA memories--like the fact that I used to dissociate as a young child by pretending I was a turtle safe in my shell, and I would "go to the light" of the bathroom window during the extreme trauma of the abuse and near-death in the shower.

I guess I've been so afraid that my mother could be right: I just have some "chemical imbalance" (as she calls it) like my father. That evil woman! That would be so convenient for her! I don't want it to be anything "organic!" I want my diagnosis to be the result of human-inflicted trauma. YOU DID THIS TO ME!

But, the dissociation does scare me a lot. The voices are especially freaky. I guess that's another reason I thought I was schizo. (I mean no disrespect to individuals who have this disorder. I just have a hard time spelling the entire, correct term.) When I first noticed the voices, I downplayed them. (That's called "minimization," right?) "Oh, yes," I told myself, "this is just an example of those "old tapes" everyone talks about; those mean things my parents told me as a kid." I certainly do have these, like so many survivors do. If it's, "You're too sensitive," then it's my mother. "You're a piece of shit," is my father.

But this voice--these voices--are different. For one thing, they say things that my mother and father didn't say. Also, I don't hear my father's voice, or my mother's. Who is it? One voice is very mean, cruel and nasty, that's for sure.

And the thing that I've finally had to admit is that sometimes...someone answers back! And it's not always the same type of response or the same "person" answering back, either. Sometimes it's a scared little girl who is all apologetic: "Okay. I'm sorry." Other times, it's an in-your-face, angry teenager: "Just shut up!" Other times (I've noticed more recently) it's a wise, calm voice of someone aware: "Now, that's not helpful. We're not going to talk like that."

Then there are the regressions. I've noticed these for a long time (six or seven years). It's one of the reasons I feel compelled to run away sometimes--I don't want my son to see me in that state. I used to think of them all as strictly flashbacks. But, I'm coming to realize that some of the regressions don't seem to be related to any memory at all.

When I was reading "Stranger," one regression caught me by surprise. I was sitting on the bed in the hotel and my butt started getting numb, so I decided to take a break and get something to drink. Of course, to be honest, there was a fear factor. I was just about to take the "Identity Confusion" test in the book. I was standing in my hotel room's kitchenette and I started to unravel.

Sometimes, I can almost, literally, feel myself getting small. I quickly ran back to the bed and grabbed my cozy blanket and stuffed animal. I began to rock. This is not unusual. What happened next most definitely was.

I could hear someone saying, "I no bad girl. I good girl. Please, no. No hurt. No, no, no!" I could feel my lips moving, but it wasn't really me.

Just as I was trying to be present in some way and wrap my brain around what was happening, I heard another voice. This one was inside my head. My lips weren't moving this time and the voice was new to me. It was a young woman's voice. She very calmly and clearly stated, "Nina comes out when we're in the shower."

Whoa!! What?! Who the hell is Nina? I don't know who that is.

To tell the truth, on and off now for a while, I've half expected to discover "personalities" and expected them to have the inner child names I "came up with" when I was doing inner child work with a therapist back in Illinois. There's Tina. She's tiny--maybe two or three. There's Marsha; a little bit older, I think. Then, there's Sarah. She's about eight and is starting to get very cynical and mistrusting. She's always on guard. I think Rena is a rebellious teenager, and then there's Samantha who is older--a young woman. I've never let myself get to know Rena or Samantha much. Honestly, Rena scares the crap out of me.

But, this Nina? I have no idea who she is at all. I can, however, guess why her name ends in "A" like all the others. My twin sister's name ends in "A." She got the pretty goddess name and I got stuck with the old lady name, Marjorie. I've always hated that name. Marj is better, but I've never really liked it either.

Then there's the "person" who absolutely hates my husband. I feel so guilty about it. He's been so loyal and good to me. I hate to admit any part hates him. But, it's important. I just know this person had a major role in the "leaving my husband" plan. It was very frightening the other night. Back here at home now, I woke up about four in the morning. This in itself is not unusual when I'm going through a period of not sleeping well. What was freaky was that I awoke and immediately felt like someone else. I've never been aware of anything like this before. It's a weird thing to wake up to/with.

This person who I was realized she was lying next to my husband. She hates him! She doesn't want to be here. Here's what kinda went on in my head following: "OK. Get a grip. I'm not going to fly out of this bed and run away at 4:00 a.m. Shit! This is why I was in the hotel. I'm trapped in this place! OK. Calm down. Who is this?" It wasn't like I was asking anyone. I was just thinking, and trying to figure it out, right?

My answer came when I had a thought: "It's Lisa." I didn't hear any voice this time. It was just me coming up with a logical choice of who it could be. But, Lisa? Who the hell is she? Well, I don't know at the moment. But, thankfully, I think I've found a skilled therapist who knows about dissociation. With her help, I feel hopeful. I feel hopeful that, whoever Lisa (or Nina) is, she can help me more than hurt me.

I'm not going to turn away this time. I'm not going to turn on my brain "fillers" and say, "La, La, La! I can't hear you!" I'm going to listen and find out, finally, who I really am, what I'm dealing with, and where I'm going. I hope there are still some blogger friends out there, hanging on, and willing to be with me for what is probably going to be a very long, strange trip.

My new therapist does not seem afraid, freaked out, or intimidated at all by any of this. I've had a few phone conversations and two face-to-face interviews with her. She seems up to the task. That's why I've chosen her. She also seems very understanding, compassionate and optimistic. I really need that type of help right now. She says that I've always had help and I'm lucky that way. She says I've created my own help...and that's a good thing. I'm gonna try my best to start seeing it that way.

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(((MARJ))) My dear sweet friend..now it begins..your journey towards you..all of you that makes up you..:) yes it will be hard, yes it will be scary, however it will be freeing, freeing you to heal. I am here and I know many others of us, your friends are still here loving and caring about you...all of you, so do not worry about that we will always be here, your friend, loving you as you are. Marj you know I understand this journey as I have been all those scary plases, asked all those unbelievable questions and doubted all I knew to be true including myself and my own eyes at times. Didn't change things this doubt...so do what you have to do, and it will get better with the help of your new therapist and the support of your loving husband and friends you will mend...and thats pretty close to healing my friend. I can deal with bing mended, it's as close to healed as I may get but it's one hell ofva lot better than being broken and scared and hurting all of the time. So work it my friend, work it to mend..I am here if you need to talk or just to lean...love you Marj..m
I feel so raw and vulnerable right now. Your understanding words mean the world to me. It's very comforting--thanks!

Today's a "therapy day," so I may not get to it today...but I'm going to get around to some blogs soon. Thanks for checking back on me.
I feel so raw and vulnerable right now. Your understanding words mean the world to me. It's very comforting--thanks!

Today's a "therapy day," so I may not get to it today...but I'm going to get around to some blogs soon. Thanks for checking back on me.
You should be proud of yourself for confronting this stuff so honestly and openly. I think that a part of the reason why the cycle continues is our fear to face what's really happening. Don't be afraid that there might be a chemical imbalance - an imbalance might just be a normal reaction to what happened, and if you got medicated, it coudl balance things out. I'm going through a scary phase too, but I have faith for both of us that things will get better since we're getting treatment.

Im so glad to hear that you have found a new t that you like, that is awesome, and I know how hard it is to have to find a new one.. and to be able to find someone you click with, is even harder. thinking of you

Marj, I really have to thank you for your post. It made me really start thinking about dissociation, and I realize that I've been doing it a lot recently, but I wouldn't have paid attention if you hadn't pointed it out in this posting.
it took keepers a very long time to accept our multiplicity and yes we experienced a whole lot of what you are talking about. it is scary, it is mind numbing it is what it is. your honesty and realizations are important and we see you moving forward again. oh yeah, congrats on the new therapist!

best wishes

I hope that you have the courage to face your fears. It's probably better to face the things that scare you rather than run and hide from them, but it's so hard to face them in the first place. I'm glad to hear that you found a new therapist. You deserve to have a therapist who can help you with all of your trauma and the effects of it, rather than having yet another person in your life that is afraid of what has happened to you. I think the name Marjorie is lovely.

Take care.
Hi Marj,

I just wanted to check in with you and say sorry I've not been around lately. It sounds like you're having a tough time but it does look like you are making progress and taking positive steps as well.

Take care

Thanks, all! I really feel like I'm learning to live with Alice, beyond the looking glass. But, I've signed up with this new T for twice a week for now...and today i feel quite a bit calmer. Thanks for thinking of me--it means a lot!
I have been trying to leave a comment for a few days but blogger seems to pick and choose who I can leave comments for. You are in my thoughts... and well done on keeping on with everything including finding a new counsellor

Take care
like you we assumed we had schizophrenia but we figured if they give us the drugs then it will all be better, seeing our T and having a D.I.D diagnosis was the worst possible scenario for us, so much so that it was six months before we told anyone except our partner and even then he was sworn to secrecy.
We were sure all our friends would desert us laugh at us and leave us, at times in t we begged for drugs any drugs to stop what we termed a nightmare, but in reality there were none a thought that still pisses us off, but somehow over the years we have learnt to just accept a diagnosis we cant change no matter what, we hope over time you can learn to do the same
I'm cutting and pasting the followng comment because it had an e-mail address in it:

thanks 4 your blog.

four the last 7 yrs or so i have been an integrated Multiple, although the experience of integration is much like the stories of Amputee's who every once in a while still fell the non-existant leg. I too can still hear light faint whisperings of long ago voices. But thats all it is these days.

but it wasn't always that way.

My disasociatve disorder was also quite severe. I support you in your commitment to yourself and to finding a Therapist who can truly work with you. These 2 ingrediants alone are very important in Recovery/DID/Abuse Issues Therapy.

One thing that I can say, is that
is at one time I went into treatment for Severe Abuse, Ritualistic Abuse . I traveled out of my state and went out west for 30 days treatment. This was about
12 yrs ago.

Take it slow .. and be kind to your self.

thank you, bloggers for your supportve validation. yeah, right now i'm kinda focused on acceptance...and whatever i can do to comfort myself. I feel a bit shell-shocked (no pun intended...I've already known for a long time I had PTSD).
You have a lot of courage facing all this so honestly.
I am sorry i haven´t been around lately, it has been a very busy and hard time.
I hope things go well with the new therapist. You are doing so much hard work.
I don´t understand very well why a chemical imbalance would make your mother right about anything. If you had one, it is most likely caused by them, or maybe inherited. It doesn´t give her any reason on anything. A chemical imbalance can be treated anyway, so if is she really thought so she should have taken you to a doctor and not torture you with it. That was just another way of hurting you and deny her/their blame.

I can´t imagine how hard all this must be. Hope you have enough help
and support, and I will make sure to visit more often to chack how things are going for you.
You are amazingly strong.
Dear Marj,

I'm so sorry to read about your ordeal and the hurdles you've been facing. Stay the course fighting the good fight as you move forward with a new therapist and your healing objective.

I'm in your support section sending oodles of caring energy your way (feel it?) as you embark upon this next phase of your healing journey.

Your honesty about your struggle is helping others as you help yourself.

Keep on Thriving Marj!

Blessings to you always, s
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