February 11, 2007


Carnival Hits the Road Again!

Yahoo! The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is hitting the road again! It's our 8th Edition of the carnival and this month, it will be hosted at my wonderful friend Annaleigh's blog, As Waters Passing By/Blessed Fearscapes. She's decided, since February is Valentine's Day month, she will have a special edition focus on love. Annaleigh wants to know, among other things, how we've learned to love ourselves in the healing process, and how we show love to our own children.

I think Annaleigh will be a most impressive host! Please go over and check out her blog and look at the submission information about this edition on
www.blogcarnival.com. The deadline for submissions is midnight Tuesday, February 20. The carnival will post on Friday, the 23rd. Thanks for your support of our blog carnival, everyone. Let's keep it going strong on the road!

Dearest Marj,

I am so glad to see there will be a next Carnival. I am looking forward to participating.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much. But I will be around more in the future.


Glad to see that you are still active within your blog...I've been missing in actions for sometime now, but I am back in full swing:)

I did change some things around again - would you be so kind as to change the URL within your blog for me (My Blog) to http://teardropsonroses.blogspot.com/

I've been going through some things and will be talking about it within my blog soon:)

Hope all is well with you and your son and I've truly been thinking about you:)
Hi Marj!!

hope all is well for you. Keepers and I hope to submit some articles and poetry this time around. Thanks for the update.

peace and blessings

john and keepers
ww & beachwriter: I guess we're all going to try to be around a little more in the new year. ;)

Keepers & ww: so glad you're going to participate in the carnival!!

all: thanks for continuing to keep me in your thoughts as you are in mine...and I'll try to get around to editing my sidebar as soon as I can.
>:O I guess this is a test on my part. I was forced to switch over to the new blogger and now my account there seems to be lost in the black pit of Google/Blogger's corner of cyberland. I can't access my template or anything. Maybe I can still comment, but not post?????
Another test. Are you guys having trouble leaving comments?
hey Marj

how are you doing?
just wanted to say hi
and let you know I was thinking of you
hope all is well


Aaaaargh! I've had some comments come into my e-mail inbox for approval and I can't get them to publish. Seems the only way I can log into my "NEW AND IMPROVED BLOGGER" account is by commenting on my own blog. HOW WEIRD!
I was thinking the other day that maybe there could be a buddy for the host of the carnival so instead of it being all on one person two could help put it together. they could share responsibilities. One could host it on their site but the other could spread the word or even hunt for good entries and leave a comment on that person's blog asking if they'd be interested in participating in the carnival then do a polite follow up. This way we might be able to get strong participation as well as take into consideration that each of us may have unexpected issues arise.

here I am, commenting on my own blog again as it's the only way I can log into my "new and improved" (ha ha!) Blogger account...and get any other comments to post here.
so nice to "see" you, Austin! and I thinkk you have a greeat idea there. I'll do what I can to look into doing that and getting it set up. You have a very creative and problem-solving mind! :)
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