April 25, 2007


Overdue Links: Or, Patience is a Virtue, but This is Ridiculous!

I'm working on some very old business of fixing broken links here and adding new ones. Note the "NEW" signs on the bloggroll at left. I'm up to the "K's." I finally have a current blog url for Keepers Korner, yay! I want to take care of some other old business that relates to my dear friend Keepers, and I'll get to that by the end of this week.

Someone who's been amazingly patient is Megan over at Child Protection: Serious Business. She's been waiting since the end of February. Good grief! (Hhmmmm...is grief good? Well that's really a good thing, because I've been dealing with a lot of it lately!) If we're still on, Megan's going to host the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse in May. If you're wondering if she can handle a blog carnival, go check out her recent post: The Carnival of Australia. Great organizing, Megan! Yeah, I have faith that she can handle it.

I want to tell you how I finally got off my butt to get motivated to update things here. That will be my next post. See ya soon! :)

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Hi Marj
I'm ready and waiting for all the posts for the Carnival Against Child Abuse. In fact, I'm really looking forward to it.
Megan in Australia.
Great, Megan! I'll e-mail you wth some of the planning details.
hey Marj

just wanted to say hi,
and see how you are
keep your chin up

I want to tell you how I finally got off my butt to get motivated to update things here. this s/b a well received post since so many of us need to learn this secret!!

thanks again for being you!

Cassandra: Thanks for the hugs and sweetness!

Keepers: It has a lot to do with warm, kind peeps like you, silly!
Hey, Marj!! I've been using http://www.blogrolling.com to update my links. It's super easy and fast to do a couple at a time. Check it out!!!
Hey there! I read your comments on Fallen Angels. I'm so sorry that you were attacked.

It is such a shame that people turn on each other!!

I've been thinking about you a lot this month. I guess because of the awareness stuff for april.

I hope all is well with you.

Safe hugs!
thorne: yeah, I signed up for blogrolling,, but I couldn't figure it out. I am SOOO un-cyber savvy! :P

Dreaming again: great to "see" you! thanks for thinking of me. I went to your blog to visit the other day but I couldn't get the words to load (only your template). I'll be trying again.
ok we will try and get oen to megan if we can work out how the frick ot do it all over again
ok submission is in for the next blog carnival
thank you, thank you!
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