August 24, 2006


Save the 1-800-SUICIDE Hotline!

Hey, everybody. I know I promised you more about the secret-sharing space, but I just found out about this and I had to let everyone know. Did you know that there's a good chance that the plug will be pulled on the 1-800-SUICIDE hotline? It's a long story, but you can get all the details here at the site.

I've made a donation, signed the petition and am trying to get the word out on some appropriate forums. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated. If you or anyone you know has ever dealt with suicide, don't wait! Act Today! Do what you can to save this free, private, confidential resource!


I will do what I can. In the meantime may I pass on another source through your blog to those who need help. provide counseling services for those contemplating suicide. You can call or email them.

I know, because I used their service earlier this year. I can personally give testament to how wonderful they are.

The site is:

Phone numbers and email addresses are available there. Plus they have special phone numbers for the armed services.

Thanks, WW! I'm glad you had a good experience with samaritans. And thanks for spreading the word about 1-800-SUICIDE.
Hi Marj,
Thank you for the new update!
Thanks for the comment, Holly. I went to your blogs and didn't see a link to this 800 number (although I realize you're in Canada), so I wasn't sure where you stood on this issue. I sure hope the hopeline survives. They've got a gret track record of helping people.
Hi Marj,
I checked out the site and if your in Canada you can still write a letter. I thanked you at my site for the post. Here is the code for one of the logo below:
scroll down to put one in the blog on your sidebar.
Holly: Wow! That's great! Thanks.

I went and donated and sent a letter.. I heard about this but thought it was a bunch of BS.. I guess its true.. very sad.. lets all work together so this valuable resource stays available!


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Cassandra: Thank you so much! I had my doubts about this at first, too. But, I did some looking around and I think it's legit. After my experience with the government (DHS) as a frustrated CASA (court-appointed child advocate), I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about something like this, unfortunately.
I just saw this last night. I had no idea they were in trouble. This is sooo very wrong that they would be required to send over the personal information to govt. agencies. This is just wrong. I dont see the other govt agency as a duplicate effort I see it as a crushing effort. People will not seek the help they need if they feel that later on down the line it may come back and bite them in the butt.

Austin: I couldn't agree more. I guess they've come to some kind of agreement for now, but they still really need our help to keep the hotline running. Thanks for commenting on this.
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