September 11, 2006


Working It Through

Wow! This 9/11 anniversary really has me feeling overwhelmed and down. I'm not usually one to even think much about anniversaries. I couldn't even tell you what the anniversary of my date rape is. But, this has me feeling crappy about the human race. Why do we keep throwing away our humanity? Why does the suffering and trauma of our fellow humans mean so little?

A neighbor of mine recently told me she had visited one of those conspiracy theory sites. I don't even know why people make such a big deal out of the term conspiracy. It was, of course, a conspiracy of some kind wasn't it? It was a secret plan to bring down those buildings. People conspired together to kill and traumatize all those people, right?

I don't know. I went to one of those sites and looked around a little bit. Some of what they were pointing out in the videos I just couldn't see. I just couldn't see it. But, some of the points were compelling. I just don't know.

What I do know is that people don't want to believe that anybody within our country could have had anything to do with it. That doesn't mean it's impossible.

It reminds me of one of the reasons why I feel so many people turn a blind eye when children are being abused. They just don't want to believe it. They don't want to believe that it's possible that they live in a world where people who are supposed to love and care for precious, innocent children, beat, mutilate, torture and rape them instead.

Well, when I feel like this, action of some kind always makes me feel somewhat better. So here is my act of advocacy action for today: A reminder about the 4th Edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse.

The carnival is stopping by the Carpe Noctem blog on Sunday, September 17. Scarlett Demon tells me she's only received a few submissions so far. Get those submissions in! You can submit at Blog Carnival here. The deadline is Thursday, September 14 for the September 17 post. Your host, Scarlett Demon, says she especially wants to see some posts on self-injury (SI). I agree that this is a little-understood and little-talked-about aspect of the aftermath of child abuse. So, write something up and post it, or simply provide your permalink to a post you've already put up on your blog some time ago. Let's keep this important awareness-raising carnival going strong!

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Thanks for reminding everyone Marj! I know what you mean about how taking action makes you feel a bit better. It can seem such a big ugly overwhelming issue it's hard to know where to start sometimes. I firmly believe though that even reaching one person makes a life time of struggle worthwhile.

Take care xxx
SD: You're so welcome. "...reaching one person makes a lifetime of struggle worthwhile." Thanks for those words. They are words I need to live by right now. You must have known I needed them! You rock! :)
You do such a great job. (((Marji)))
Thanks, Wanda. You do such a great job of supporting me...and I appreciate that.
Hi Marj,

I don't think I have your e-mail address any more :( I must not have transfered it with we got rid of webtv.
Hi Marj

sorry we haven't been by recently or it at least seems that way. you are right, as usual, people just don't want to hear anything of a negative nature. look at all the people who still donate to the cathoic church while their offerings go to buy clemency or relocation for abusive priests. people don't care until it's their loved ones who are hurt, then the story changes! peace and hugs

Brian: I will e-mail you.

Keepers: here, here! I will re-register at your blog today and we'll get those comments rolling!
Thank you for the reminder! You have done such a great job, it is well apprectiated!

Here is my act of advocacy for the day:

I posted a where/when notice about the 4th Edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse, and posted new links to the following the articles:

"Establish Boundaries That Honor You"

"Common Misconceptions About Healing"

"What Can Therapy Do For Me?"

"Sexual Abuse Survivor's Tools In Recovery"

"Healing Sexual Abuse Wounds"

Check out my new format...still trying to make a difference.

With warmest well-wishes and healing hugs always! Survivoress
Mysti: Thanks for your support. It truly does help me when I feel I can find meaning for my abuse.

Survivoress: Wow! What a great list. I was over there briefly the other day--I'll get back over and look around some more. Great advocacy work!
will get something in to the carnival and gald you are still doing better
JIP: Glad you're going to participate again--thanks!
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