August 08, 2006


The Blog Carnival Is Hitting The Road

My blogger friend, WW, is the amazing and brave blogger of PTSD Today who has agreed to take on the third edition of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse for the first time as it travels away from my blog. Yee haa! Off we go!

The deadline for this edition is Wednesday, August 16 for the Friday, August 18 appearance. WW's post announcing her host status is here. In the post, she explains that she wants to encourage all forms of poetry. "There is poetry in photos and artforms," she points out. She also hopes to see a post or two on forgiveness, which, as she says, "...can mean many things to many people."

I want to second WW's motion that we all make a commitment to invite new contributors to our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Let's really get this awareness-raising vehicle growing!

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