August 19, 2006


Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse: Third Edition

Poor Wendy--"WW" over at the PTSD blog--she has had a heck of a time getting the third edition of the Carnival Against Child Abuse posted onto her blog. I guess her computer crashed or something. What a nightmare! Would somebody please tell me why the universe sees fit to have these things happen right when there's a big deadline looming?

Anyway, we finally got the carnival listed at
Blog Carnival dot com this morning and the first version of it is up at Wendy's blog. I think there may be a few post links missing. Don't be alarmed; Wendy is still working hard to get the whole thing perfect.

I went over and looked at it. There are over 15 entries included, with a couple of new bloggers joining our Carnival Against Child Abuse. I ask that you go over to Wendy's blog and take a look around the
August carnival and give her your support. While you're at it, make a special point to use the links to visit the new bloggers joining us for the first time. Leave them a supportive comment, too, won't you?

On another "Survivor Solidarity" note: Thank you to all who left comments on my post,
"Share a Secret, Stop the Silence, Silence the Shame." We really got a lively dialogue going on that idea. I really appreciate all the support I received for my secret shared, and all the ideas on preparing something permanent. My next post will discuss the alternatives I'm considering.

Mine didn't make it but I would like to invite people to read how my memories have started to resurface since blogging. I write about how these are helpful to me now. I also talk about forgiveness.
It's here

PS I think it is important for people to leave a comment if they have read a post, just to show that we are a supportive community.

Dear Marj,

Thanks for the plug! It's pretty much all fixed, and your post is up there as well.

To All:

I really encourage you to visit the various sites from people who sent us their stories. They are incredible!!

Best to all

Emily: I think if you go over to PTSD again, you'll see that your post has been added. Mine got in late as well. There appeared to be some SNAFU at Blog Carnival with the deadline cut-off and then poor Wendy had her computer crash!

WW: Thanks for getting it all fixed up--it looks great! Just another testament to survivor perseverance! Yay!
Afternoon Marj,

Thanks for the support and love. As to the computer crashing...well, we survivors are used to things happening. The trick is to learn to not let them overwhelm us.

Btw, this Wednesday, I am launching "Blog Stew", and I want to invite you and all your friends to the debut.
Brian: "Blog Stew," huh? I am intrigued. I'll be stopping by.
I always find a way, despite the curve balls.

Brian, What's a blog stew?

I'm not really commenting on this post, I just couldn't figure out how else to write to you!

I just stumbled across your other site, and it's so beautifully done. Good work!

I wanted to let you know that Part 2 of Unmapped Miles is now available on my Little Bit of This & That site at

I'm not sure I like it, but thought I'd let my readers decide for themselves if it's any good.

beautiful dreamer
WW: Yep, we survivors are resourceful, too!

Beautiful Dreamer: I'll go over and check it out. Thanks for the tip!
I am off to visit.
I must commend you all for all the work you do.
Keep talking.... abusers hate that.
Great Marj! on my way to take a look.

I will be checking them all out WW. Thank you for taking the time to do this.
Hope: YES!! You are absolutely right. Abusers DO hate talking about it. That's why I'm so determined to launch this secret-sharing site. I'm writing a blog post about it right now--taking me a while, but it'll post. Thanks for the visit and support.

Mysti: Thank you for your continued support of the carnival. I think you said you were moving, right? Still up for hosting, though? Does October still look doable? We'll chat.
I am in the process of building a house. I also did not take in the consideration that the next few months are pain months for me due to the fact that I live in a hurricane area. I am very interested in hosting a carnival, though. I do need to see how I am feeling though. On a bad fibromyalgia month I can barely move or think for that matter. Can we play it by ear? Lets see how September goes for me pain wise?
Mysti: I'm sorry you have to plan around pain, but I'm glad you're going to have a new, beautiful house. No problem, we can wait and see how you feel. Thanks for letting me know.
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