July 28, 2006


Housekeeping and Linking

I told you I had a lot of housekeeping to do. My home is sparkling. The cyber chores, however, keep coming. I wanted to get the links up to the new bloggers I met while doing the Blog Carnival. I've now done that (see the sidebar).

Now, I've been going through and checking out who has been commenting and who is linking to me. Whew! This is a huge list. I just went back through the beginning of June and there are about 20 of those types of bloggers falling into that category who have not yet participated in our blog carnival and so, therefore, have not yet been linked by me. Some of these bloggers may not even know that I realize that they're linking to me, because they haven't commented here. (We all have our sneaky ways of finding out, though, don't we?)

I don't have time to put up 20 links right now, but here is a sampling of bloggers that I will be making a more concerted effort to visit and who you may want to visit and check out. I have linked Keepers Korner on my dot com site, but am trying to get my head out of the clouds and figure out how to register and comment on the blog of the same name. It's got some good stuff, especially on DID.

The Chaiway Blogger decided to shut down that site, but now has a wonderful site dedicated to survivor issues. It's the Survivor Ship and it's at http://survivorship.wordpress.com.

I really like the insights that Hope shows on her "Wanders and Ponderings" blogspot. It's at http://stumblingahead.blogspot.com. I believe she found me through some of the other bloggers I already have linked on my sidebar and who have been participating in the carnival. Thanks, guys!

Here are a few more: Wolfbaby at "If I May Say;" Jess, a survivor at jessietheblog; and Freedom Finder at www.secretcaves.org. I've got more comin' soon, so stay tuned!

It feels good when we reorganize our homes, sites, and the things around us, doesn't it? I always say that when my house is out of order, I feel that my life is out of order.

I am working on my house tomorrow. I want to get organized for the new school year. Yup! Summer hasn't ended just yet, but I've been busy preparing my daughter for college this summer and the legwork is unbelievable. No beach time for me.

Anyways, I am hoping to clean up my house, reorganize my blogs, and feel at peace once and for all. Ahh, the joys of organization and decluttering. Thanks to Flylady for me. Without Flylady this lady would have no wings.
Hi Marj! You may want to update Wolfbaby's blog. She now has Dreaming and Believing on Blogsplot.net.

By the way, now that you're done with the housework, um ... do you do windows? ... *blink!*
thanks for the new links thats really helpful.

beachwriter: Wow, a kid off to college, amazing! I don't know how I'll act when my time comes with that. I've heard great things about the Fly Lady. I know I need to get over to you blog and do that survey--catching up eventually! *gasp, pant*

Moof: Thanks for the info--so Wolfbaby is doing a Blogsplot, too eh? I'll have to get over and check it out. See the faux pas I commit when it takes me so long to do stuff?! Jeesh!

JIP: Yeah, let's all check 'em out. There may be some helpful nuggets in there. Thanks!
Thanks for all the blog work you do. Your links are helpful. Again thanks!
Wanda: Thank yo for thanking me! Hee hee!
Hi Marj

thanks for the kind words about Keeperskorner. To register click on the Weblog tab on the front page. At the top of the page is Login, Register and Members, just click register and sign in. phone number is not required though it asks for it. Fill in as little as is required then comment away. We really do want as many perspectives and comments as possible so all readers including us get a diverse representation of how people feel about each subject written about. We hope others will visit and register so they can add thier comments also.

thank you again and we look forward to reading your comments. If you have time look at the articles section also. They are by others who have contributed to our site as well as ones we wrote, some for Many Voices.

We want to contribute to the Carnival but don't know if we should write new or use something we wrote already.

Suggestions would be appreciated since your ran the first two.

thanks again

Keepers: Thanks for the step-by-step commenting instructions--sometimes my brain needs stuff like that big time! I'll e-mail you about the carnival, but I really hope you participate and think either choice would be fine.
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