July 17, 2006


Blog Carnival--New Editions & Additions

Today is deadline day for the second edition of our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Submissions must be received at Blog Carnival by 11pm EST tonight to be included in this edition. I've got three wonderful, committed bloggers--PTSD Blog, Carpe Noctem and Season For Angels--who are taking on the subsequent editions for August, September and October (I'll e-mail you guys with the details for hosting); you will have more opportunities to participate if you miss this July edition.

We've got some repeat participants for the second carnival edition and I'm also meeting some wonderful, new bloggers who will be joining us. Here's a little preview of them with linking action (in no particular order) before they appear on my sidebar: Lonestar Academy, Hummingbunny, Alishas-Survivor-Struggles, The Countess, Beautiful Dreamer and Doing It All Again. Another blogger who I've added to my sidebar links is joining us since the first carnival edition: Sadly Normal. Please link on over and check out these blogs.

I'm also aware that I have some links to change for Sunnie Dee and Missing Link. I didn't want you to think I'd spaced out your links. These sidebar links may go up/be changed before or after the carnival post day on Wednesday, depending on how crazy busy I get. If I've spaced out anybody's link that I didn't mention, feel free to clue me in. See you all Wednesday!

submitted mine to the carnival. Sorry for the last minute.
Dreaming Again: No problem--glad you got yours in and I'm very glad you're joining us again. I just didn't get around to reminding everyone personally, sorry.
Have a wonderful Carnival Marj
Thanks, Holly! I'm glad to see you so active in Marcella's Abyss2Hope Blog Carnival Against Sexual Violence. Good going!
Thanks for doing the carnival. Having read others stories has caused me to see I'm not the only one.
damn missed it
ok got in just in time :D
Wanda: we don't have to feel alone anymore.

I got you in, JIP--no problem! (Now, if Blogger would just stop being a problem!)
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