July 19, 2006


Blog Carnival--Take a Ride!

I think I've got all the carnival rides (links) up and running properly now for our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse (two posts down). Come on in and take a spin!

Hi Marj!

I didn't get in on this carnival, but there is always the next!

I did get my new survivorship weblog up & running. I'm moving over the posts from Chaiway & will be adding new.

You're in my links of course, & the CSA Carnival is advertised in my sidebar.

Your support, kudos, & encouragement inspired me to set up the new space & maintain a survivor presence.

Stop by soon, & check out the Daily Affirmations....something new I added.

Everything good to you always. Thank you for your work & inspiration. :-)
Survivoress: Glad to see you back! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you're around! Hope you can join us for a carnival edition soon.
just found your site and it is awesome. May i aidd it to my links? Have a great day
Great blog, I love the topic. I also can relate..4th step for me.
lash505: Thanks for stopping by. I'm familiar with the steps--I wish you all the best with them.

freedomfinder: Thanks for visiting, yes feel free to link away.

I'll stop by both of your blogs and take a look around.
Thanks for all your hard work. This is great to get out the message!
Thanks for hosting the carnival again, Marj.

As before, it is sooo rich. I'm going to enjoy visitng these sites and seeing what others are doing.
Hi Marj,

I found some awesome abuse survivor and abuse prevention advocate t-shirts, hoodies, and jerseys on the web. I just posted the links and the statements on each.

I wanted items like this, did a google search, and voila, my wish was granted!

I thought you might be interested. I'm ordering a few! I like the idea of wearing my statement on my shirt, and saying it all without having to explain or say a word.

I've been reading the Carnival entries. Very powerful.

Peace and healing to all.
PS One of my fav shirts says:

(Purple ribbon graphic)
No Longer Ashamed
No Longer Afraid
I was Never To Blame

I wonder what reactions I will get wearing it? I'm definitely interested to see if I will meet other survivors (strangers or among women I know) while wearing it.
yo Marj!

Thanks for the "hand wave" and your feedback. Freaks me out when I see the little asterick next to your name on my blogroll, then I come here hoping for a new post and you haven't been here. How ya doin?

Anyway. I appreciate what you've done with the Carnival stuff even though it bothered me. You're doing a lot of good m'dear.

Like my therapist said, our emotions being like an onion and peeling thru the layers and you get to another layer and some of the same crapola turns up again. In a roundabout way I have to thank you for reinforcing that to me.

I certainly don't mean that as a bad thing since it will definitely help me when I begin my new therapy - that DBT group that I mentioned.

Take care marj!
Thanks for doing another carnival :) it looks great
Wanda: You're right, we are getting the message out. Yay us!

Carolyn: Thanks for visiting the links. Glad you're going to participate in the third edition.

suvivoress: yes, I like the t-shirts, tho I've not yet had the nerve to wear one. Actually, I seem to attract other survivors and they come to me even without a t-shirt. Are some of these shirts shown on your blog? I'll skip on over there and look.

Psychbaby: Ah, the onion analogy. I think every therapist on the planet uses that one now. But, it is a good one! I'm still peeling back some stinky layers of my own. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes on your group therapy--I've found it quite helpful at times.

Thank ya, Sunnie!
Marj: where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Great carnival, I just about read everything!
Yes, Marj, when I think about it I meet/know a lot of survivors too,(without a t-shirt, but I still want a t-shirt!) which isn't surprising with approximately 1-3 women sexually abused.

It still shocks my system though when some of the women I know let it "slip." Many times it's just a snippet revealed in a moment of one-on-one conversation...a tiny window that's rarely opened or never been before.

Many I know use terms like "difficult childhood" or "difficult parents" then describe things that are awful depictions of clear-cut abuse.

One middle-aged woman described a father who abused her in many terrible ways, then said "but my father was a great guy, my b--ch mother drove him to it, she didn't take care of his needs."

Your reply really started me thinking. Many women I know in my generational niche(middle-aged or older) have revealed abuse to me, but aren't calling it abuse. I'm never sure where to go with that.

Should I try to bring more clarity to it or not? That's always my question. Advice from you and other survivors is appreciated, please!

I know not calling it abuse or defending the abuser is their coping system, many decades deep.

Most seem to have picture-perfect lives by society's standards. Things aren't always as they appear. Usually they aren't.

I'm reading, reading, reading the blog carnival entries! Thank you.
Beachwriter: I'm alive, I'm just knee-deep in housekeeping (both cyber and real). I'll put up a post with an update. I noticed late last night that you have a survey on your blog. I'll head over there today and fill it out.

Survivoress: Hhhmmm...I'm thinking about your request for advice. I've been in that situation you speak of many times. Let me gnaw on that for a while. Thanks for reading the carnival posts.
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