June 21, 2006


Second Edition: Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

The first edition of our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is a wonderful, awareness-raising success. We're helping to erase stigma and support each other as fellow survivors. Thanks to all the participants, linkers and other supporters.

I included one post each for every blogger who submitted to this carnival with the following exceptions: I received one entry--from a blogger who was completely new to me--that I considered spam, because the blog showed nothing about children or abuse that I could find; the other entry was about an adult rape and I encouraged the submitter to link something that was about a child under the age of 18 and/or send the adult rape post to Marcella's blog Carnival Against Sexual Violence at Abyss2Hope.

Since many of you submitted mutiple posts and I've got other bloggers who are now interested, I've decided to do a Second Edition of the Carnival Against Child Abuse. It will post on Wednesday, July 19, 2006. The deadline for submissions is Monday, July 17, 2006. This information should now be up at

I've also decided that we should do like the traditional carnivals do--be a true, traveling carnival that travels around from blog to blog. I've got one interested blogger who thinks the third edition (August?) is something she'd be willing to host. Any other interested hosts out there?

I am interested. I do need time though, since hubby and I are building a house. After September should be fine.
Mysti: Building a house, huh? I know that's a lot of work but can be very rewarding. Best wishes! If we decide to do this carnival every month, maybe you could host it in October. Thanks for your willingness!
Yep we are building a house. Well at least we are trying to if our loan should ever get approved! We are supposed to hear tomorrow if we have the loan. Praying that something else does not delay us knowing... I look forward to hosting the blog if it is still going in October. Have a wonderful evening.
Hi Marj - This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. I have read some of it and will be back to read more. Child Abuse Awareness is so important. Great job and keep up the good work!
Hi Marj. I'd love to hold an edition of the carnival at my blog. What would be involved exactly?

Mysti, I'm in much the same position as you presently, waiting desperately to hear about our loan so we can buy our new house!

I am committed to August for the third blog carnival. I'm not home right now, so I'll email you next week.

Mysti: I'll say a "smooth finacial sailing" prayer for you.

Beachwriter: Thanks for much for stopping by to visit the carnival! I appreciate that support.
I'm getting all EXCITED about this carnival all over again! Yeehaa! I've already got submissions coming in (from familiar blogs and new sources) for the July, second edition. We've got WW doing August and Mysti doing October. How 'bout September Scarlett Demon?

I'm excited for you and Mysti on your new homes--that's so cool! SD--I'll e-mail you with what's involved for your carnival host. Thanks, awesome survivor-thrivers!
I actually wrote an article about children in domestic violence (Child abuse). I would love to add it to the carnival, but silly me cannot seem how to find it or submit it. Please help:-)
Beachwriter: I will e-mail you. Thanks for your willingness. Don't worry the deadline for the next edition isn't until July 17 so we have time to figure it out.
sooo glad there is time. I do want to participate, but my heart needs time to catch up.

My eating disorder has gone into overdrive (well, somewhat overdrive, I'm not purging or anything like that,just restricting a bit and some body image crapola.

Not sure if it's this stuff that's causing it, or other issues in my life ...
Dreaming Again: Yeah, I don't know what gets stirred up with this stuff. There's definitely a mind-body conncection, no doubt in my mind. Now I've heard of your ED flare-up, a migraine for someone else and my illness (not sure how to explain my son's strep in there). I guess we all just need to take gentle care. And, yes, we've got lots of time 'til the next carnival edition. I'll be in touch.
Thank you for your healing work.

I deeply appreciate this wellness web of abuse awareness, cathartic writing, and survivor support.

As a sister survivor with a new, fledgling blog, I hope to be a part of the second edition, health willing.

Peace and wholeness to all.
Chaiway Blogger: Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I will get over and check out your blog shortly. I'm glad you want to participate in the 2nd edition of the carnival and I'll make sure you get all the details. We still have time--deadline is 7/17.
Thanks Marj. I would like to start creating my blogroll with others that share similiar experiences, thoughts, feelings, and sources of healing hope.

If you have time, please leave me a comment too. It's lonely out there in the new blog world!

Chaiway Blogger: I just left a comment on your blog. It truly is a beautiful site!
Thank you Marj! You are most awesome! I started my newborn blogroll with your site.

I sure would like to connect to other SA survivors that are also cancer survivors. I know we're out there in large numbers, and I would love to cyber-meet to connect on that level.

If you know survivors that are what I call "double whammy" survivors or can put a "shout out" from me for SA and cancer survivors, I would be very grateful for the chance to connect and share experiences.

The cancer surgery and treatments were acutely triggering for me, bringing to surface a flood of emotions and associations with the abuse.

I haven't blogged about that yet,(I can barely bear to think about it), but I think it's time to release it. Perhaps this will be my Carnival topic, as it is -not- addressed in cancer support groups.

Thank you for being here.
Hi Marj,
Would you email me about this carnival. Thanks
Holly: I'd be happy to e-mail you. It's Monday and I wasn't able to get online all weekend. If I don't get to all my e-mails today, it will be tomorrow. Thanks!
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