July 26, 2006



I'm doing some housekeeping in real life and the cyber world. Yesterday I cleaned out all the crusty crevices of the bathrooms in my house. I did a lot of dusting, too. Man, is there a lot of dust to clean when you live in Colorado!

On my blog, I got the links updated for Sunnie (previously known as Sonnie), Psychbaby who's back at www.girladdicted.com, Missing Link at Raped, Lost and Alone and Patty at her new Lavender Power site. I attempted to put up a Blog Carnival sidebar, but when it appeared, it stretched across the posts on my blog. I've been meeting some wonderful new bloggers and several are linking to me. I want to put up reciprocal links.

So, I've got new links to add on my sidebar here and my work is way overdue adding links to my dot com site: www.survivorscanthrive.com. Just so's ya know, my dot com site is where you want to go to see pretty pictures, poetry, quotes and meditations. I'm not super cyber savvy (if you hadn't caught on to that yet) so I don't even bother trying to put up photos and such here at the blog. Ya gotta go to my dot com site for that stuff. Actually, any readers who are willing to go over there and sign my guest book are more than welcome and would be greatly appreciated.

So, I'm off to do more housekeeping. When I get stiff and tired from being chained to my computer, I'll get up and move my body around with the vacuum cleaner. Today, I'm determined to do the floors. Even my kitchen's faux-slate linoleum--the stuff I had put down because it hides the dirt so well--is looking filthy. I'll be back later today or tomorrow when I get my chores done.

Afternoon Marj,

Thanks for hosting the carnival and posting all your links. I put you in my sidebar so I can support our cause.

Cleaning? Not my favorite thing, that's for sure.
Brian: Thanks for being part of the carnival. Thanks, too, for the sidebar link. As you can see, I've allowed myself to get quite a backlog of cyber chores. I got the links I mentioned fixed up and I just finished the links added to my dot com site...moving on to new sidebar links here. Will get 'em up later today or tomorrow. See ya!
wow you have been busy hope you get everything done and dont find any hidden surprises whilst spring cleaning :)

Thank you so much for a lll the work you did ..... oooo my ambiens finally going to kick in! I only took it 3 hours ago!

(ytpo told me)

there's another one ...

Um ... cleaning ...oh geesh ... sigh...

I need to update my blogroll and makes ure you're on it. A few others too ....

I just figured out how I found you .... After the Silence. You were one of the blogs I went looking for from the website itself.

Now, that I've found a few bloggers, I haven't been back to the message boards. Ooops.
i forgot about the dot com site. thanks for posting about that. sheshhh...where is my head?

JIP: Thanks for the hopes--I HATE house cleaning! Oh well, I like the way it all looks and "feels" when it's done.

Austin: Yep, you signed my guest book not too long ago. I so appreciated that!
Dreaming Again: Yes, I remember seeing you on AS a few times. And then you gave me those nice, encouraging words about my poetry. Yeah, I don't go to the boards nearly as much as I used to. I guess it's because I feel I've found such a nice group of bloggers to dialogue with. You guys are so special! Aaawwww!
Thanks for updating my name I appreciate it, I hate cleaning up too. but I am off to do some real cleaning now before dinner is ready
Sunnie: You are so welcome (sorry it took me so long).
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