July 19, 2006


What Day Is It?

I am having absolute fits with Blogger today. The post below may be as good as it gets for a while for our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse--Second Edition. I assure you it went up today, July 19, 2006, as scheduled (even if the heading says July 18). I know some links aren't working and I will get around to fixing them as soon as Blogger lets me. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Marj,

The post looks great. I too am having problems with blogger. I made updates to my site, and 24 hours later, they still haven't updated.

FYI: the link for my story actually takes the reader to the top of my site, not the story itself.

I look forward to hosting the next.

WW: Yeah, just when I think I can handle Blogger--it's not so bad--a day like this comes along and I just want to chuck it. I think I got your links fixed, tho. The one that says PTSD Today goes to the top of your site, the one that says "personal story" goes to Mr. Toad.

I'm so glad you're still hosting the next. Have any idea what date you'd like to use? We need to let Blog Carnival know and give them your e-mail to forward the submissions. Yay!
Sorry, Marj! You're right. I jumped the gun!

I think August 18 is a good date. Keep the carnivals 1 month apart.

You can give my email address anytime: kalapattar@earthlink.net

ww: I'll be putting up a post that alerts everyone that the carnival is traveling over to your blog next month. Yippeeee!
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