November 16, 2010



UPDATE, WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 15: i found out yesterday that i will go in 4 surgery on dec 23. meeerrrrrryyy christmas ! oh well, getting rid of pain and a good nite sleep will be a great gift! thank u all 4 checking on me w/ your kindness, hugs and get-well wishes. *hugs back 2 all of u*

the 5-year anniversary/last official blog post has been delayed due to an unforeseen medical emergency. i have a broken collar bone and can't really type right now. i am using the one-handed, hunt-and-peck method here and it is soooo slow. i am okay and i will be back with an update as soon as i can.

get those posts in for the blog carnival, won't you please? i think the details and links are in my last post below, or you can use the bc widget there on my sidebar. thanks! talk soon.

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Hi I was looking for a way to contact you by email but I couldn't find it, so I'll leave a comment instead. I think your blog is an amazing resource and am a bit sad there won't be a lot of new posts added; but you are right you deserve to thrive from all you have worked so hard towards so kudos for recognizing that.

I was wondering if you would like to share a link to another resource to? I'm not sure if you've heard of it from what I've read but Pandora's Project is an amazing resource for survivors . Sharing it on your blog might help many so if you like it, please do :)

Also there is a contest for all of November that is for a grant to create more outreach programs for SA survivors. Vote once a day and absolutely free! So it might be a good way for you to advocate for the cause at least one last time ^^

I hope you're having a good time. Blessing to you for being an inspiration
I'm sorry for your injury. I hope you heal quickly. Hugs my friend.
((((Marj)))) Praying for you!!!
Oh no marj! I'm so sorry you are hurt :( I will be sending healing thoughts your way and wishing you a speedy recovery. ((((hugs))))
OH my goodness. I am thinking of you and praying for you.
Yikes...sorry for your broken collar bone. That's horrible...Get better really fast okay.

So sorry to hear of your broken bone!! Please heal quickly!
Oh Marj, I am sorry. Hope you recoever soon. Thinking of you. Love form my heart to yours!
Passing by to show some love. Hope you are mending well. Hugs to you
thanx 4 all these well-wishes and lovely concern everyone

i dont seem 2 b healing very well so i find out mon if i go in 4 surgery

i will update when i can

(((((((((hugs 2 all))))))))
Praying you do not have to have surgery! (((((Marj)))))
Thanx, jbr, i am praying 2

went in mon 4 xrays and doc wants 2 wait 2 more weeks and then more xrays 2 decide on surgery. pooey!
Sorry to hear about your broken collar bone. Hope you heal fast.. ((marj))
Ohhh honey, I have been gone far too long! I have missed so much, I am so sorry! I hope even though you will no longer be running this blog, that we will still be able to keep in contact. Will you have a new blog? And how is your collar bone? I fractured mine and I know it is very painful.

Please drop a line when you can. you are in my thoughts and prayers my friend.
Thinking about you and praying for you today!!
thanx 4 these kind get-well wishes, dear ones. i am in limbo now waiting 4 more xrays, but the continued pain level tells me i will prob have the surgery. crossing fingers while we wait and see. hugs 2 all
hi marj~ just thinking of you today and sending loving, healing wishes your way. i hope your collar bone is healing quickly and that all is going well with you :)

safe hugs ((marj))
katie & jbr: thanx so much 4 remembering me and sending those healing wishes and hugs. i go back 2 doc 2day 4 more x-rays and decision about surgery (hopefully). at this point, i'm actually hoping 4 the surgerry cuz pain 4 a month sucks!
dear marj~ i'm so sorry to hear you've been in pain all this time! i hope the doctor's visit went well and that you're road to recovery will be quicker soon!

will keep sending well wishes and healing thoughts your way meanwhile~~~ safe hugs!
katie, u r so sweet 2 keep stopping by w/ your kind thoughts and words. i appreciate u! surgery will b in 1 week and should speed things up and make that area stronger. *crosses fingers*
hi marj~ thanks for letting people know what's going on with you so that we can keep on sending you well wishes, because you sure need it! will think of you extra this next week in the hopes that surgery goes really well and that you will be feeling tons better soon!!!

safe hugs :)
thanx katie and jbr! i'm a little nervous about tpmorrow, but hopeful, too.
Hi Marj,
Hope the surgery was successful and your healing process is going well. I broke my right shoulder and wrist back in October 2009 (I'm right-handed) so I have some understanding of what you're dealing with. Best wishes for a full and easy rehab and recovery.

I hope your surgery went well and that you are healing up quickly!
Rick & OS: Ouch! At least I am right handed and the broken bone is on the left side. The surgery went well and the pain is more incision pain now, instead of bone pain. I've been in a drug-induced stupor and am trying to wean myself off of Percocet which has some nasty withdrawal symptoms. I will write more when I am more coherent.

Thanks, again, for all the thoughts, prayers, vibes, and well wishes! Happy new New Year everyone! *hugs*
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