July 15, 2008


Hi and Hiatus

Well, I got the car back and then I had it washed and detailed. The old car (it's about ten years old) looks almost new! It's a good thing, too; we spent as much to fix it as it would cost to make a down payment on a new car! Gee, whiz!

I was hoping to attempt to put up some digital pix from my trip on the blog, but I screwed up in two ways: I took a bunch of photos with my new cell phone (my husband would not let me go on this road trip without one...and it's a good thing I had it when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere) and somehow deleted all but three of them; then, I had the wrong ISO on the digital camera and most of my photos came out too dark that I took with that after I finally thought I had it figured out enough to at least work on "all automatic!" Dear Lord, I am NOT very techno savvy, and probably never will be! ;P I think I'll have to take a digital photo course one of these days.

I'm still hoping to get some photos up on the landscaping project. Unfortunately, the window for planting is well closed here (too hot) and now I'm just putting down mulch and fighting weeds.

I'm pretty busy these days. For example, I'm cooking for 40 people today (long story). To be honest, I've got a lot going on and am not focusing on the "Surviving-to-Thriving" or therapy issues much right now.

I think I'm going to take a bloggy/therapy/"Survivors Can Thrive" break for three or four weeks. I'm doing well and accomplishing other things...and that feels good, really. It doesn't mean I love any of you any less, mind you. I'll get around to some blogs and say, "Hi! and Happy Summer/Good luck with Summer!" before I depart. I'll also make sure I'm back in plenty of time to get the September BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE all organized and back on the road again.

Be well and take good care, all. I'll be back soon.


P.S. JIP reminded me that I haven't really given you guys a health update for a while. I guess I got all discombobulated with being out of town, and the unexpected car repairs, etc. Okay. Well, JIP, thanks for asking. First, my scar from the skin cancer surgery is healing up nicely. Today, as a matter of fact, is the day that marks six weeks since I had the stitches out and that's the day I'm supposed to start daily massage of the area. I guess this is supposed to help the scar tissue lie down smoother and look more natural. I'll give it a try.

As far as the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome goes, I've spent a lot of money on therapy for that, but its' a whole lot better than surgery, wouldn't you agree? The pain in my shoulder has been greatly reduced and this has allowed me to continue with my landscaping project in my yard. What took a bit longer--but we are finally starting to see improvement on--is the "pins-and-needles", coldness and numb sensations down my right arm. Just in the last few weeks, I've noticed that I have these sensations a lot less often and they are much less severe.

So, the self-care and healing continues...
I hope all of you indulge in some well-deserved self-care this summer as well. Now, I mean it people! You are a divine, unique treasure. Take care of you!

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July 05, 2008


The Break and The Breakdown; The Odyssey and The Ordeal

Finally....I am home. No, I didn't take an extra few days off to sip pina coladas and loll at the beach. My car broke down in "THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE," near the Utah/Colorado border and it took me a lot of extra time and money to get home from my vacation. My car is still four hours away, being worked on. It will take another $2,000 and another three to four days to retrieve it. (Taking longer than usual, of course, because of the holiday weekend.)

But, at least I am now home. I have a rental car that I will use to go back up to where my car is and get the old, broken-down vehicle back in my possession. And so, the odyssey continues...(more on all of this later).

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