April 07, 2010


When It Rains It Pours

Didn't we all learn, back in school, that April showers bring May flowers? Well, April is also a big awareness raising, advocacy month. Did you know that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month AND Sexual Assault Awareness Month? These are two advocacy issues that are near and dear to my heart. Even if they are not so near to yours, I ask you to do something this month to raise your awareness, break the silence, silence the shame, volunteer or advocate to stop the violence.

If nothing else, why not look at one of these videos. I found them both to be extremely powerful and moving. I want to thank Tracie for her tweet over at Twitter for the first video. Amazing!

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These issues of the abuse of children are always near to my heart, not dear because I hate that children suffer and have no rights.Hope it helps.
Issues near and dear to my heart as well girly. Hope you are doing well this sunny Wed afternoon. ****Sending you cozy energy****
I hope that not only will more and more people raise their awareness this month, but that all of these people will continue to spread the word and break the silence throughout the year!
Von & Jade: Thank you both for being advocates and being aware.

Hope and cozy energy to both of you! :)
Ali/Teddy Tour: Oh! I'm so glad to see the Teddy Tour is touring again. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you are around. I just followed you over at Twitter, too. Yay! :)
No matter how many times I watch that video I find myself absolutely chilled!

Love to you!
Tracie: It gives me chills, too. And I've looked at it several times now. Love also to you! xoxoxo
I got chills and cried at watching Love 146. Marj, thanks for the work that you do with your blog.
Patricia: I had pretty much the same reaction. Thanks for viewing it. And thanks for thanking me! ;)
Thank you for this!
You're welcome, Colleen. Thank YOU for stopping by and checking it out.
Thanks Marj! I will have to do something to recognize these special awarenesses. I was thinking of highlighting some of my older blog posts as a tribute.
That sounds great, Paul. Thanks for all you do!
marj, thank you for posting this. i'm seeing what i can do to raise awareness (always but especially this month since you brought it up). thank you for the videos too. i didn't watch the first one, i don't know what it's about but i had a feeling i would cry and i'm trying to be careful with myself right now. but i loved the second one. it was so powerful and i am so glad it's out there. i'm grateful that there are people like him, and people like you :)

safe hugs to you~
just have one wish that no child should ever suffer as we did but still it happsn and we cant help but ask why
Thanks for sharing the videos!
Hows life treating you my colorado friend?
Katie: I'm glad for people like you, too! *hugs* :)

JIP: Hi! So nice to "see" you! One of the reasons, I think, is because we don't talk about it enough. So this raising awareness is so important!

((((((JBR))))) hugs to you, too! And you're welcome!

Jade: Well, I sure am glad Spring is here! How's things in your neck of the woods?
I am with you girly. So so happy that spring is coming. Its a beautiful day here in Sacramento and I'm soaking it up. Things have been up and down for me lately. Still getting this seizure stuff figured out and controlled.

Have any fun spring plans in the making?
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