February 10, 2010


New Hosts Make The Carnival Go 'Round!

Wordle: BlogCarnivalAgainstChildAbuse
I want to introduce you to a new host for our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. She will be hosting for February at
Issue Knitting. We call her IK and she's not only hosting this month, she also celebrates her birthday this time of year. For this reason, we will be using a birthday theme for this carnival edition.

Here's what IK says: "As this month is the month of my birthday, I am suggesting birthdays as a theme. Birthdays are a reminder of our entrance into this world. Thus, birthdays may have an effect on abuse or the healing from such abuse. For me, birthdays have a bittersweet impression because of this. Additional tension and conflict during birthdays, resentment and guilt doled out, and a gratitude for being alive are all associated to birthdays for me. By no means is one required to submit something birthday-related. All are welcome!"

As usual, we still have our regular categories for submission as well:
Survivor Stories, Poetry, Art Therapy, In The News, Healing & Therapy, Advocacy & Awareness and Aftermath.

But, I gotta tell ya, I really started thinking about this birthday theme. I think it must have been synchronicity; I go for months on end without attending church and then this past weekend, I not only went to a church retreat for women, but I also did a reading on Sunday morning. The topic Sunday was eugenics. The reason I was appropriate to do a reading is because I was one of the people attending church the day they asked for volunteers who had a parent who was diagnosed with a mental illness before they had children. This topic really got me thinking about what it would be like if I had never been born. So, I'll be writing a post about this and submitting it for the carnival.

Won't you please submit something, too? It doesn't have to be anything related to the theme, nor does it have to be a newly-created post. Just find something and send it in, won't you? I really want us all to support our new hosts. If I was limited to participating bloggers who have so generously hosted multiple times, we'd all have quite a bit of work to commit to each year, with twelve carnival editions to publish. New hosts are the lifeblood of this carnival. They do, indeed, make our Carnival Against Child Abuse go 'round!

The deadline for this month's carnival is Wednesday, February 17 and IK will have the edition up on Friday, 2/19. You can link to the submission form here.

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what a great topic~ very thought-provoking. thanks, marj~ and thanks, IK!
I thought so, too! Thanks, Katie!
Submitted. :)
Oh yes, your hug... ((((Marj))))
Oh, I'm so glad. Thank you, JBR. And thanks for those consistent hugs! :) (((((JBR)))))
I'll think about submitting something this time! Thanks for the heads up!
Oh, yay, Lily! I am really hoping you join us! :)
hi marj! i wrote something already! i just submitted it. i can't believe it, normally i hem and haw. but i was inspired by the topic.

thanks again for everything you do :) for being a person who makes others feel so safe and welcome.

and following jbr's kindness, ((safe hugs to you))
Alright, Katie! I'm so glad you submitted. I'm starting to get really excited about this carnival edition! Thanks for those hugs and backatcha! xoxoxoxo :)
One of these days I just might get to the point of posting on your carnival. One of these days...
Well you'd be more than welcome anytime, Jade. I hope you do!
As you well know Marj, it is a process...one that is still in the middle stages for me..but its nice to know that it is an option.

Hope you and the boys in your life have a wonderful V-Day weekend :-)
Hi Marj,
just popping through to say hi.
Jade: It is quite a journey, isn't it. I hope you have a great V-Day weekend, too! xoxoxo

Hey, Kahless! Thanks for topping by! Nice to "see" you! :)
Sorry, I had assumed the Carnival was end of the month. So, I just submitted now. Hope I'm not too late.
Hey, Paul. I'll ask the Feb host if he can squeeze yours in.
what a great topi
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