December 11, 2007


Thanks and Reminders

The other day, when I was dealing with some really tough therapy issues, I asked for cyber solace from several of you. I didn't even get half way down my blog roll with my request. So many came with insights, empathy and cyber safe hugs. I am so grateful to you guys! Thank you so much. If you look at the comment section down there, you'll see that there were several insightful comments that I've been thinking over. I printed them off and even brought them to therapy with me yesterday.

I am also grieving, mourning, very sad. I sobbed for quite a long time yesterday and it was hard, but it felt good to honor that grief.

I have another post ready to go that's a more detailed update of what's going on with me. But, I wanted to put up this post first. There are two important reminders below that I want you to take a few moments to read and act upon. Thanks in advance!

First, tomorrow is the deadline for the December BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. Megan, a wonderful past host at Imaginif is hosting again for us. The deadline for submissions is midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12 for the Friday edition. You can submit posts here.

Second, I received an e-mail today about the 1-800-SUICIDE hotline needing help again. The feds are still trying to muck it up and this could lead to disastrous results in the area of caller rights and confidentiality. I've copied and pasted the e-mail below. Please use the links to educate yourself and support this important suicide-prevention cause.

Dear Friends of the Hopeline,

We thank you for your support of our organization and 1-800-SUICIDE over the last few years.We need your help ... again. This time in addition to financial support what we really need today is a letter of support.The feds (SAMHSA) are moving to try to take permanent control of 3 of our hotlines using the timing of the holiday season hoping no one will be around to file a response. They filed the day before Thanksgiving and gave our attorneys no notice of the filing. Not very cricket of them.

We are asking our supporters to file comments with the FCC before they grant permanent assignment of 1-800-SUICIDE to the SAMHSA. If you could file a comment in support of us and ask any of your friends and colleagues to stand up for us it would make a difference. We need your public support more than ever. If we shine a bright enough light on them they will not be able to hide from the truth.It is important to note that our organization operates 13 national suicide hotlines and while 1-800-SUICIDE is our largest program we will continue to prevent suicide among our veterans with our 1-877-VET2VET, new moms suffering post partum depression with 1-800-PPD-MOMS, teens with our 877-YOUTHLINE as well as many other targeted populations with 10 other specialty hotlines. We are not in danger of being shut down but we are about to lose our primary outreach of help and hope. Either way we will continue our life saving work. (see for a complete list) I hope you and your family have a great holiday. All we want for the Holidays is the return of the control of our numbers.

Suggested minimal language...We urge the FCC to grant the Kristin Brooks Hope Center Application for Review and return the toll free hotline numbers to KBHC promptly. If necessary to accomplish that, we support a temporary extension of the 12 month temporary re-assignment.But please feel free to add or write your own comments about why it is important that 1-800-SUICIDE remain non government owned and controlled.

To file comments CLICK HERE Type in 07-271 for the proceeding (docket) number.
To read what others have written CLICK HERE The postings just began today and the window closes on the 12th of December. It is a very brief window for public comment. This is so unfair. Last year when they did this we ran a campaign that generated over 800 letters written and filed. They do not want a repeat of that and are counting on us having no show of strength in support from people who care. So please help us today. It will make a difference. Your financial support in the past has helped us survive to this point. We hope you will continue to support us in the future.

Best always,
Reese Butler -
President and Founder Kristin Brooks Hope CenterNational Hopeline Network 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)Administrative Office:615 7th Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

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i did read what you wrote and i think you are so brave and i think so nice nad so very kind also.
your pain u went through is so wrong for how ypou were treated that makes me very sad.

((((Amelia)))) thank you for the sweet words, from a sweet YOU! :)
Hi, I'm behind, we've been caught in an ice storm and my husband is still not driving, so he's always at home ..and for the last 4 days ..he has not stopped talking!!! (seriously)

I just wanted to say hi, and I haven't forgotten about you. I will try to get back to read your blog, when I get a few seconds to read when no one is talking to me and I can comprehend the words on the screen.

*bug eyes*
Dreaming: Hey, Stranger! So nice to "see" you! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see more of you when you can manage it.
Cool! I need to go check it out!
Great, thanks April!
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