August 24, 2007


out of the loop

Sorry, folks. The blog carnival is delayed. Suicidal again. Hasn't been this bad in years. Not quite sure exactly what happened. I'm going into the hospital. I'll be in touch when I can.

Take care of you, that's always the first and foremost thing. We'll be here, waiting to hear from you, when you can!
i hope you are okay.

Huge (((((((hugs)))))))!!! You are valued and loved by all of us. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Dear Marj

thinking of you, praying with you, holding your hand, hugging you

Feel free to email me for my phone number.
Oh Marj - huge hugs. Take all the time you need. I am glad that you are seeking help. Thinking of you.
Marj, take care of yourself first. Everything can wait. I will put you in the Prayer Circle at Silent Unity.
whenever you return, we will be here, waiting with open arms. (((((marj)))))

peace and blessings

Hey~ i hope your world is giving you some space, and that your support network is there 4 you in droves.

thank you for creating a "survivor" blog. myself and my foster girl will be logging on often for your insights.

take care,
come back to us please.
We'll be waiting.

thinking of you


I'm back, but I really feel I'm out sooner than I should be. But, since I have no mental health insurance, we can't afford for me to stay in the hospital long enough to see if the meds they put me on will work. still waiting for them to kick in. thanks so much for all the hugs and well wishes--you guys are GREAT!
Wishing you all the best, Marj. Do what you must to take care of yourself,and know that there are many of us out here who are thinking of you.
I hope everything is ok with you. Such a hard place to be.
we are glad you are back didnt want to post until we knew you were there we have no words just support
Thank you all so much for your care and support. I will get an update post up in the next day or two.
Oh, my. Hope you find your way back to us soon!
I'm posted a message/award to you on my blog. It will be waiting for your full return (in other words, no rush). Glad you are home. Prayers and good thoughts your way.
Just checking in to see if you are okay/back from H, etc. I see from comments you are home. I have been told that the first week or two weeks after an H stay are the hardest to deal with. You can email me if you want...I may be slow to answer, but I will answer. ((((hugs))))

thanks, again, for the hugs and well-wishes. there are a few of you I'd like to e-mail--as well as get around to yur blogs--but I still feel like I'm dragging myself through sticky, thick mud. I'll get back in the groove soon, I'm sure--especially with all your good vibes coming my way! (((hugs to all))) :)
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