August 18, 2007


Now Recruiting Carnies for August!

The deadline for the August edition of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is Wednesday, August 22nd. It will post at Sadly Normal on Friday, 8/24. Here's what our host, Lisa, says about her edition:

"We will call it the Back To School Edition… and for this edition, I would like to include a theme called BEYOND HEALING: WHAT WE ARE DOING TO GET BACK TO LIFE."

Beyond Healing? What a wonderful idea, Lisa! Let's all get some posts together for this wonderfully-themed edition. You can submit using the form here.

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we will see what we can came up with this weekend and send it in. thanks for letting us know!

peace and blessings

Thanks for considering a submission, Keepers! You've got so many wonderful post possibilities to contribute.
I'll go check my posts and see what might fit.
Thanks, April!
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