May 12, 2007


Deadline Almost Here For May Blog Carnival

Don't forget, folks: The deadline for the May Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is Monday, May 14, for our May 16 edition. This month's host, Megan at Child Protection: Serious Business, has set the edition's theme as, "May Day, May Day: Children At Risk!" Megan is also running a contest that sounds exciting, so go here and check out all the details.

If you'd like to go straight to Blog Carnival dot com and fill out your submission form, you can do so conveniently right
here. Let's get those submissions in! Next month (June) is the one-year anniversary of our important, awareness-raising carnival and I know we all want to keep it going strong! Thanks, all! :)

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Thanks, JIP! :)
Hey, Joel. Always nice to "see" you. I guess I'd better check out what's up.
Blimey, I missed it.
Well, I'll make sure you don't miss next month's carnival--it's our first-year anniversary! But, the e-mail I have for you keeps bouncing back, so I guess I'll let you know via a comment on your blog. thanks!
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