May 04, 2007


Look Who's Got Me Thinking!

Since The Thinking Blogger Awards is, in fact, a meme, I'm supposed to award and tag bloggers who make me think as well. According to the rules at The Thinking Blog, I can only give out five awards. This is a tall order for me. I decided to narrow down the blogs that make me think to the ones that I've been reading for quite a while--the blogs that have asserted the most power to make me think. I wish I could include more. I'm also wishing there was an award for the "feeling blogger," because I have many blogs I can think of that really make me feel and keep my heart open.

For now, however, I award the following blogs (in no particular order) with The Thinking Blogger Award and thank them for assisting me on my quest to always keep my mind open:

  1. Beautiful Dreamer could just as easily be called "beautiful writer." Beauty uses simile and metaphor the way I wish I consistently could: to weave words into the fabric of beautiful prose. Right now, Beauty is going through the aftermath of her son's critical accident and hospitalization. But, scroll down a few posts for some exquisitely eloquent writing--the reading will be worth it!
  2. Joel, at Pax Nortona, is quite the prolific and eclectic writer and thinking blogger. He's got posts on subjects ranging from all sorts of pop culture and current events, to mental health, to pets. He's not afraid to voice his opinion. I may not always agree with him, but he always makes me think and reminds me to keep my mind open. I also respect the fact that Joel is a fierce advocate for mental health and erasing the stigma of mental illness. He is a true champion to me.
  3. Austin, and the other system members of Morton's Pride at The People Behind My Eyes, probably gets me laughing as often as she gets me thinking. She really has a way of highlighting the irony and absurdity of life. Her writing often provides the relief of a huge belly laugh. Her artwork and writing also often provide me with a respite from life's ugliness. There is deep beauty here. Even her rants are well thought out, awareness-raising and humorous. She reminds me of something I have firmly believed for a long time: If we don't laugh at ourselves and life, and act a little crazy sometimes, we're at risk of really going crazy!
  4. Keepers is a thinking blogger and a thoughtful blogger in the giving sense. She is a true artist, in her writing as well as her visual artwork. She reaches out to others with honesty and compassion, always speaking her truth. And without honesty and truth, all the thinking and writing in the world just comes out flat. This is a full, well-rounded and utterly human (and humane) blog.
  5. April Optimist writes a blog for survivors called The Thriver's Toolbox. It gets the nod from me. Some may disagree with me and find her posts too pie-in-the-sky at times. I often disagree with April myself, especially when I'm too busy feeling sorry for myself. But, her advice--and the recovery and healing knowledge she shares--is well thought out and researched. The success that she holds out as hope comes from rising above in her own experience.

I am blessed to know these bloggers--through their writing as well as their friendship and support. You may want to get to know them yourself.

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Wow! Thank you, Marj. You know how much I respect your blog, too, don't you?

I write what I write I think out of anger--that when I started my healing journey none of the research I found said it was possible. And I vowed then that if I did find a way to heal, a way to stop hating myself, I'd do whatever I could to bring hope to other survivors.
awesome choices all of thse blogs we read relate to and have learnt many valuable things from great choice thanks for sharing
yep, pretty cool stuff!
Back to say thank you again for posting these blogs. I'm so glad to have discovered blogs I didn't know about before--and the thoughtful writers posting them. I need to remember to add links to them from mine.
Yeah, April--let's spread the love by spreading those links!
It's nice, right?
so right!
How about a "Healing Blogger" award?

(I was dream katcher, but changed it as there are a number of people publishing on the web using the names "dream catcher" and "dream katcher." I'm feeling good with the change! Thanx for visiting me. :)
babe: I like your idea. I hope the change suits you and works out well for you.
Marj, I was inspired to find a way for every survivor to have a Healing Blogger Award. Well, I found a way, the Healing Blogger Awards are here and available to all survivors with a web presence!

I chose the name "Healing Blogger" because as a blogging survivor you (all of you) are not only healing self, you're helping to heal others too by being here to share and care. We are all Healing Bloggers.

Check out the examples I have on my blog. Get one for your blog or website deserve it...each and every one.
Wow, Babe! You work fast! I'm feeling motivated by how motivated you are. I'll be right over to check this out. It sounds way cool!
Wow Marj, thanks for the kind words about my writing. I'm honored to included in your list!
Well, Beauty,, it's just an honor to know you. You are truly a beautiful person.
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