June 25, 2009



My husband re-installed Firefox for me. Yay! Internet Explorer was "working" but kept telling me that it couldn't connect me to various websites and blogs and giving me error messages and shutting down. So, I didn't make it to all the blog carnival posts yet, sorry.

So, now I'm back online just in time to be going out of town. Pooey! I'll be back right after the 4th. I keep thinking of you all, even when I don't have much of a presence online. I'll be back soon and will try to actually write a post of some substance as soon as I can. Stay cool, bloggy buddies!

Have a Fantastic time away!
I weill use internet explorer if I have to I guess.I would much rather use firefox.I have less grief than I have with IE7
Mike: Yeah, IE just sucks. I hope I don't have some kind of virus that keeps deleting Firefox or something. My husband keeps having to reinstall it.

Vicki: I think I will have a fun trip, thanks!
i hope your computer problems are solved. your blog is so meaningful~

hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!
I love technology when it works and cuss like crazy when it doesn't. Here's hoping this solves the problem. Hope you have a great trip!
Have a great time away Marj.
Mountainmama, April & Kahless: Thanks for the computer get well and good trip wishes. See you when I get back. Leaving today and running around like a chicken with my head off! :P
I just downloaded firefox and love it. Thanks for posting this and reminding me to do it.

Have a great trip.
Yeah, Firefox is better than IE. Blessings dear one.
Hope you have a great 4th getaway!
Enola, JBR & Jade: Thanks for checking in while I was away. I had a good trip AND my computer is actually working today. Yay! :)
heloo and have a great time away and yey for the computer
"Haunted House" Blog writer SueAnn asked me to alert her peeps that she will be off computer for a week or two. She is fine, Lost her online access.

Thank you,
Steve E
JIP: And a howdy to you, too! Yep, my computer is actually working the way it should today so I'm going to try to get up a new post today or tomorrow.

Steve: Thanks for letting us know. Been having my own Internet access problems, so I know what a bummer it is.
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