November 30, 2007


I'm Grateful For Our Blog Carnival

Hey, everybody! I'm back from my vacation and it was wonderful. Thanks for all the "bon voyage" wishes.

Now that I'm back, I'm getting around to all the wonderful posts Cerebralmum put up for the November edition of the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. The edition is up at her new website: Since November is Thanksgiving month, Cerebralmum decided to do a "gratitude" theme. As I said in my last post, this survivor community and the carnival are two things that I count way at the top of things that I'm grateful for. I'm glad that you all are a part of my life!

Please visit the carnival's November edition here and show your support by reading the posts and leaving comments. I'd be grateful! :)

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While the gratitude is flowing, thank you for the opportunity to host and the opportunity to participate in the carnival. Through it, my feedreader is now overflowing with wonderful blogs by people who move me and help me and as much as they often make me sad, they also give me hope. The strength out there amazes me, and gives me the courage to speak up again, something I had given up on.

Thank you everyone, and thank you Marj for making all these connections possible.
its a great carnival and she did a great job
so glad you had a great trip!! good to see you back also!!

jm for keepers (down with a sinus infection)
Sorry it took me a while to post comments guys. I don't even have my bags all unpacked and I've been in bed. Must have caught a virus on the boat or the plane.
Yucky! :( I feel a bit better today, so I hope to catch up.
Sympathies on not feeling well! I know the first thing I did this morning back from my own trip was take airborne in hopes of warding off a cold that feels imminent.

Thanks for the heads up about the carnival!
I took all kinds of Airborne and still got some yucky virus. Oh well, it's forcing me to transition slowly back from the fantasy land of cruising. ;) I'm much better today, just a little lingering headache. Hope you outwit the cold, April.
LOL on being tagged! Hope you're all recovered from the virus now.
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