October 03, 2007


Healing the Body; A Break for the Mind

Well, my concussion symptoms have subsided greatly. My memory's better and no more headaches. Hooray! I was having something akin to whiplash symptoms, and those are better now, too. All the scabs from my "road rash" are falling off. (That paints a pretty picture, now doesn't it?) The only thing left is the cracked rib, which will take about six weeks to heal, my doctor tells me. I'm still feeling some pain and discomfort with that, but I'm so much better and I am grateful.

Thanks to all you kind folks who stopped by with well wishes! You are, as always, greatly appreciated!

A little added bonus during my body healing is the fact that my parts have been quite calm most of the two plus weeks. I guess no parts really want to be in this banged-up body now. An interesting theory anyway. I have to admit, I've appreciated the break. It's also been a time for my husband and I to get all snuggly close and more affectionate with each other. That's a respite, for sure.

Now I'm off to visit some of you, my bloggy friends. Thanks for being so patient with my erratic visiting these past six weeks or so.

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Glad to see you are feeling better! Take care of yourself.rp
we hope your healing does continue and yep i can attest no one in here wants to be out in a bunged up body either, im the chief i dont want to but alas no choice someoen has to represnt the multitude, i better get good money for this ;)
Thanks, JIP!
Money? Is there money in this? I knew ther was a reason! Well, ther should be anyway! ;)
Thanks, Mike. Great to "see" you!

It's so good to see you posting again! Glad something good came out of the experience.
So glad to see you're starting to feel better marj.

Keep on healing! (in every way)
Dear Marj

yep, that is quite a visual, with scabs falling off from your road rash!!! reminds us of our old days of roller skating when we met the sidewalk more than we cared to remember.

we really are very glad you are feeling better!!!

peace and blessings

Thanks, guys! :)
Hey Marj, great to have you back! I'm happy to hear about the little respite with your hubby, what a little added bonus, sorta makes up for the scabs, eh?!
Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Having a banged up body has never kept things quieter for me. It's a heck of a way for peace and quiet though. lol

Hope you continue to improve and that there's more peace and quiet without the banged up part.
I completely agree that healing isn't just about the mental. Body work, massage, acupuncture, exercise, eating well, etc. all help me to heal as a person and improve my mental well being also.
glad that you are healing and feeling better!!! thanks for checking in on me... ive resurfaced on the blog world again.. :)

and healing *vibes*

Yeah, Beauty--I don't have any parts rejecting my husband right now, thankfully. That's caused a lot of problems in the past.

Rising Rainbow: I think that will be a good sign of my overall healing when I can have peace in the body and the mind.

Karma: the exercise is a challenge right now with the rib, but I'm trying to walk as much as I can and eating right. I hope to get back to some massage after the rib heals. I like showing my self(ves)that we're worth it and deserve it! ;)

Cassie: so glad to hear you've resurfaced! Welcome back! I'll get over and read some. Thanks for the vibes and hugs.
Take care, my friend.
Thanks for being a friend to so many, Dr. Deb!
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