January 13, 2008


Take Your First Spin of 2008 at the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Hey everybody! We've got our first edition of 2008 up for our BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE. Annaleigh, a past host, has done an excellent job again at As Waters Passing By/Blessed Fearscapes. As we seem to be blessed each month, we have some new participant bloggers joining us. This is also an edition with a strong emphasis on Healing & Therapy . We survivors are all healing indeed, aren't we? :) This is a nice thing to focus on when starting out this new year. Please use the link and go take a spin on some of the rides...I mean posts over there. Make sure to leave comments showing your support for these brave bloggers participating in our carnival--especially the newbies. Thanks to all, in advance, for your advocacy, awareness and support! We rock as a community, yeah!

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I'll go visit the links now...
It is so nice to see how you are keeping up your blog. Its been awhile, but I've been so busy and trying to get back into the groove with my blog as well.

I will see if I have anything to contribute.
Hey, Beachwriter! I'm "seeing" a lot of old friends lately. Wonderful to "see" you! I'll try to get over to your blog more often, now that you'll be posting more regularly.

Please do join us again for the blog carnival. I'll probably be taking on February myself. Then, I hope to get an edition host schedule up for the next three to four months, at least.

Kahless: Thank you so much for your carnival support!
I will visit now too.
Thanks, Dr. Deb. I always appreciate your support of our carnival.
Wonderful! Off to take a look...
Thank you so much for your continued support of the carnival, April!
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