February 24, 2006


Survivor Links

I've been out of town, but I'm finally including some links on my blog. I kinda hate to bump the "Your Beauty" poem. I'd like every survivor out there to feel those words and believe in her inherent beauty. It's not surprising that a survivor of such an ugly crime as rape, sexual assault or incest can feel that he, himself, is ugly. My hope is that each survivor will regain her belief that she is precious, worthy and beautiful. I've gotten some good feedback on that poem and I appreciate that.

One comment came from
survivor. I am very drawn to her blog. Her words move me. She is refreshingly honest and intimate with her readers. Her blog is called "My Story My Shame." I wish she'd lose the "my shame" part. That shame doesn't belong to her. It may have been projected onto her, but it is not hers. I can relate to where she is coming from, however; I felt like I carried the shame of my perpetrators for a very long time. Survivor's blog is one of the first permalinks I've installed.

I also got some helpful support for my poetry from a blogger named Kirk. His blog is the
Recovery Vehicle. I found the vehicle to be a very helpful and attractive site. What I like most about Kirk, however, is his courage and his candor. He's got an abundance of both.

The other permanent link I got up right away is for
Holly's Fight For Justice. I love this blog! It reminds me that, in this life, people can obtain rightful justice. Holly fought and fought and was able to bring her rapist--a serial rapist--to trial. He was convicted and sentenced to years in prison. Let's all exclaim together: YES!!! The amazing thing about Holly is that she has turned her personal fight into a fight for all who seek justice. She is very aware and provides much information for similar causes, crime victims and justice-seekers everywhere.

The research I'm doing to include additional blog links is a slow one. But, I'm glad to be doing it. The work I've put in to do this research has helped me uncover these wonderful gems. Please be patient while I dig up some more. If you want more links in the meantime, visit my website: www.survivorscanthrive.com. I've got a large resource section with many links there.

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Hi Marj,
I linked the article to my blog, thank you for the kind words. I would like to do a write up about your blog. Let me know if that is cool.
Take care (I wanted to add that shame is a common way for women/men to blame themselves, as you know. It will be over time, education programs and supportive friends, families, that women will not have to live with shame.)
Hi Marj,

I missed this post some how!

I wanted to thank you for the kind words and to let you know that the shame is slowly going away - thanks to supportive like you!!

Take care.
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